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What You Need to Know About Vaping

There’s a number of reasons why people start smoking e-cigarettes. It could be to stop a smoking habit, or simply out of curiosity. Whichever the case, vaping is a healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco filled cigars. There’s a number of things you need to know if you decide to follow the trend; how it works, what you need and, most importantly, whether it is safe or not.

Is It Safer Than The Traditional Cigar?

First of all, there is a huge number of opinions and articles comparing vaping to smoking. Over time, the negative views are being proven wrong, though. According to a number of studies, people who switch from smoking to vaping reportedly suffer less, as their asthma dissipates and their overall body health increases.

Whether it causes cancer is a serious question which is always present when the topic of smoking is at hand, so it’s no surprise that it shows up here. Luckily, the chance of getting cancer is incredibly small. The trick is that tobacco, which contains all of the carcinogenic materials, is completely avoided. While it is true that e-cigars contain nicotine, there aren’t any real threats.

There is often a separate compartment for smokers in restaurants simply because passive smoking is as dangerous as smoking a cigar yourself. Are the same dangers shared with passive vaping? Actually, the vapor produced isn’t nearly as harmful. The chemicals used alongside nicotine aren’t a threat, and there is such a small trace of them in the vapor that there is no chance of them affecting others at all.

The Basics

Compared to a cigar, an e-cigar is a bit more complicated. It consists of a battery, a tank filled with e-juice, and a coil wrapped around a wick. When a button is pressed the coil begins to heat up, warming the wick and creating vapor. Depending on the model some parts can be changed, as for example different materials have been used as the wick, with cotton being the most modern choice.

Now onto the ingredients for the e-juice. Vegetable glycerin is the biggest part, a non-toxic liquid with no smell, but a slightly sweet smell. It’s also contained in medicine and food, as it is an alcohol and can act as a sweetener. Propylene glycol is the second component, and is nearly odorless while also being an alcohol. And lastly, nicotine is contained in most liquids but in varying amounts, depending on your needs. How is this different from a regular cigar? In this case the nicotine goes without the other dangerous substances that surround it when you smoke.

Getting the Equipment

There are thousands of e-cigarette components available, so it may be a bit hard for you to make a decision. You might have figured it out already, but e-juice doesn’t have much flavor on its own. While the VG and PG have a sweetening effect, it really isn’t that alluring by itself. This is why flavorings are added to create the taste we’re looking for. Vape manufacturers know which flavors and oils can be used so the danger is again minimized, and they offer a variety of tastes. This is why most people tend to look for help, components and the best e-liquid online, as they can order it from someone who understands what they’re selling.

Mouth-to-Lung and Direct-to-Lung Hits

How you vape is just as important as finding out what the ideal device for you is. Former smokers prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, since it’s usually the most popular technique when it comes to cigars. You let the vapor linger in your mouth before inhaling into your lungs, and then there is the subtle tingling in your throat. It acts as a pretty accurate simulation so you feel as though you’re smoking a real cigar. The MTL method is good for experiencing the flavor and it doesn’t create those huge clouds of vapor some people dislike.

Direct-to-lung is pretty straightforward; you inhale the vape directly into your lungs without letting it rest in your mouth. It isn’t recommended to people who aren’t used to vaping though, as it can be harsh on your throat if you’re not used to the sensation. Also, while the flavor will subtly be there, it won’t be as strong since the vapor hardly had time to rest in your mouth. The reason some people take up DTL vaping is the huge puffs of smoke you can create, and we all love seeing some smoke tricks.

Be aware however, DTL components usually cost a bit more. Another noticeable chance is that the nicotine will be cut down, maybe lower than half of that used for MTL, and there’s more VG which in turn creates more smoke.

This isn’t everything there is to e-cigars, but it’s a good starting guide. If you have a few friends who are already vaping, feel free to ask for help or a few tips if you decide to follow the trend. In any case, for both people retiring from cigars and those willing to try something new, be assured that vaping is harmless.

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