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What You Should Do When You Get Locked Out

It might not happen very often, but when you do get locked out of your house, it can be a nightmare. The panic sets in, particularly if you have left appliances on or have pets inside that need your attention. Even if you have simply had a long day and were looking forward to getting home, finding yourself stuck out in the cold is incredibly frustrating. No, this might not happen often, but it’s important to know what to do if it happens to you and how to prevent it from happening again. Below are some tips to remember.

Call a Locksmith

The first thing to do if you’re locked out of your house, and no one else has a spare key is to call the locksmith. Emergency locksmiths can be expensive, but they will get you back into your property in no time. If there is damage to your lock that is keeping you out, they will be able to find the issues and replace your door lock then and there, as well as provide you with a new set of keys.

Find a Safe Place to Go

An emergency locksmith should come out to you fairly quickly, but it could still take a few hours depending on your location and how busy they are already. If you are going to have to wait a while for your locksmith Las Vegas to turn up, you must find a safe place to stay until they do. If you are familiar with your neighbors, perhaps they wouldn’t mind letting you wait out the time in their house? Or perhaps you have a friend who lives nearby? Alternatively, you can pop into a local bar or café if there is one within walking distance. Some people might have to wait at their property due to the location or other practical purposes, but if it’s cold outside or perhaps a rough neighborhood, it’s better to get to a safer location if you can. At the very least, call someone so you can stay on the phone with them until your locksmith or someone who has a spare key turns up.

Give Someone You Trust a Spare Key

A good way to avoid having to call the emergency locksmith when you do get locked out is by giving someone you trust a spare key. Make sure that they live relatively close by so that it isn’t too difficult to retrieve this key from them when you need it. It must be someone you trust and ask them to keep it in a safe place. If there is no one you feel comfortable giving a spare key to near you, then consider other hiding places for one, such as in the garage or another secure location on your property.

Always Check Your Bag Before You Leave

Finally, while this might not always be something that you remember, make an effort to double-check your bag, coat pockets, jeans, or wherever you usually put your house keys when you leave. You should also make sure that you are putting them in a safe place, like a compartment with a zip or a pocket that isn’t shallow or open, so that you’re less likely to lose your keys when you’re out.

Getting locked out of the house is never a fun experience, so to avoid this stressful scenario, consider the tips above to make sure that you always have your keys, and get the number of a great locksmith – just in case.


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