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Where to Buy Infused Water Bottles

Drinking pure water, no matter how healthy it is, can be quite dull on a daily basis. As humans striving for the best balance between flavor and health, we’ve started adding all kinds of things to crystal clear H2O.

To create a more luxurious and classy way of drinking water, people from all over the world have infused water with anything from cucumber or mint to strawberries and tea leaves. Sure, it tastes delicious and has health benefits, but what next?

The year 2020 (with its global pandemic outbreak) has carved an era that has seen the rapid rise of mental illness, depression, and anxiety. Thus, many people are trying new ways to instill harmony and balance into their otherwise hectic and pressured lives.

Infusing water with cucumber slices and lemon is now a thing of the past. A new age method to introduce healing of the mind and body is to use crystals and gemstones – crystal-infused water, to be exact.

How Does it Work?

Working with the natural healing energy created by gemstones and crystals, one can infuse water with crystals. Crystal vibrations charge water with healing properties, promoting happiness, love, balance, and relaxation.

This isn’t a fad that only recently arose. Healing rituals using different gems have been around for centuries. It dates back as far as 30,000 years ago when humans used baltic amber as a means of protection. Cultures well known for using healing gems in the past are the Ancient Egyptians, Grecians, and Chinese.

How To Make Crystal Water When You Don’t Have Any Crystals And Gems?

Because crystals have to be ethically sourced, one can’t just pick up the first stone you see and add it to water. There is holistic science behind it, which means it’s best to buy a unit from a credible manufacturer.

Many companies have created crystal-infused water bottles in which gems and crystals can be placed. Choosing the right bottle design from an ethical company is very important. Not only will it ensure you get value for money, more importantly, it will ensure that you don’t consume toxic water from unsafe stones.

Where to Buy Infused Water Bottles 

Let’s look at a few things you have to consider when buying a crystal-infused water bottle:

  • REAL GLASS BOTTLE: To reuse your glass bottle, it should be made from pollutant-free borosilicate glass that is high quality and durable. Some companies give you the option to buy a new one when accidents occur, while others give you a lifetime warranty on replacements.
  • SAFE CRYSTALS: You might be wondering what crystals are safe to put in the water. Companies should be completely transparent about where their gems are sourced and what process has been used to polish and shape them. Fake crystals can be ineffective and toxic.
  • SAFE ENERGY INFUSION: Crystals should never touch the water directly. Instead, opt for a bottle design where there is a separate chamber in which crystals are placed. To be effective and restructure the water cells, the crystals need to be close to the water. Nobel peace winner Dr. Emoto Masuru identified it takes 7-10 minutes to increase the water’s vibrations.
  • CRYSTAL OPTIONS: Different stone types have different healing powers. Unfortunately, most companies manufacture only a few gemstone options that are compatible with their bottle designs. Shop around for a crystal water bottle company that allows you to add your very own gemstone combinations/blends.

Since crystal-infused water bottles have become so popular, many manufacturers have quickly jumped into the market to profit.

4 Main Brands That Sell Infused Water Bottles 

Let’s have a closer look at the four main companies selling crystal infused water bottle in the USA at the moment.

Gemstone Well 

Chris and Erin Leake founded and established Gemstone Well. Since both are incredibly passionate about crystal healing, they wanted to design a water bottle that is both affordable and allows you to swap in your gemstones.

Furthermore, they wanted to ensure users’ utmost safety by creating a bottle that protects the drinker in that crystals don’t touch the water. The solution – their two-chamber Elixir2Go crystal water bottle.

This company works with an Energy Medicine Practitioner to ensure all products and gems are of the utmost high quality with functional healing properties.

Soji Energy 

Soji quickly gained popularity because of its smart marketing strategies. While not even being two years old, being one of the industry leaders is a clear sign of great branding and marketing.

The company is also known for selling other crystal-infused products like high trays, high rollers, and luxurious water dispensers.


The back story of Glacce is a bit vague since the company doesn’t provide clear transparency on its website. Founder, Sharon Leslie, has reported that the company is still striving to reach 100% eco-friendly manufacturing.

All products are made in China and outsourced to the USA. Regardless, the Glacce bottle looks classy and resembles the same crystal design found in Soji Energy.


Vitajuwel is the most established company among the four. Owned by a family who created the gemstone vial in 2007, the owners are passionate about creating quality products with ethically sourced gemstones.

The creators designed a patented gempod that is a little bubble-shaped container at the bottom of the water bottle that holds the gems. Like the Gemstone Well design, crystals aren’t in direct contact with water and stored in a separate chamber. Vitajuwel is the the most expensive infused water bottles on the market due to the ridiculous money they are spending in getting endorsements from the like of Miranda Kerr and Drew Brew Barrymore. Their bottles have similar quality and functionality as other lesser-known companies.

When buying a crystal-infused water bottle, it’s essential to look at the credibility of the company. Is the company interested in providing quality infused water bottles that promotes body and mind healing? Or are they only interested in building a brand and making a profit?

Instead of buying a unit from the first company, you find online, opt for a dynamic company that genuinely believes in their products’ healing powers.


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