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Why Should You Match Handles to Your Kitchen Style?

Kitchen handles are amongst the heavily used parts of a kitchen. They are essential and play a key role in how you naturally interact with your kitchen’s space. As there are diverse kinds of material and finishes available for handles, selecting the right handle can become a difficult task. However, to get started with the handle selection process, you need to know different types of handles first.

Types of Kitchen Handles

  1. Knobs

Knobs are small compared to handles and often they come in round shape, which you’ll spot at the corner of a cabinet door. Their shape and size make them perfect for doors instead of drawers particularly if you’re opening one in hurry. Nonetheless, these knobs are ideal for vintage and traditional type of kitchens as they carry an old-school feeling. If you’re going to choose knob handles, then make sure they are fixed appropriately to the cabinet. With the passage of time and continued use, knobs tend to get loose and come out easily. 

  1. Edge Profile Handles

Grooved bars connected along the edges of a cabinet are referred to as edge profile handles. For using this type of handle, you need to place your fingers inside the groove like a lock and pull. Homeowners looking for a neat and smooth look can opt for edge profile handles. Edge profile handles are best suited for contemporary and modern homes. If you want to create a feel of handle-less cabinets, then choose edge profile handles.

  1. Pull-Out Handles

Pull handles are extended bars you’ll find in kitchens and they are a classic choice. They can be as embellished as desired or simple (i.e. stainless steel bars) in terms of design. Whether you want a modern or traditional look, pull handles are amongst the top choices. Pull handles come in many variants, that’s why many of the homeowners prefer pull-out handles.

  1. Handle-less Cabinets

Handle-less cabinets are integrated with a push-to-open mechanism, which facilitates you to promptly access your items without a handle projecting out. Handle-less cabinets have become one of the preferred options amongst homeowners nowadays for the sheer style and functionality they offer. The main benefits are – you won’t have to clean them, eliminates the risk of getting removed because of accidents or deterioration. Consider handle-less cabinets, if you want a sleek and modern look.

  1. Customised Handles

Opt for customised handles if you want something distinctive or unconventional. You’ll get these handles in your desired shape; for instance, they can resemble any fruit or animal figure or whatever you need. But make sure to keep practicality in mind when choosing a particular design or shape for your customised handles.

Voila, those are the options you get for choosing your kitchen cabinet handles. Now, you need to determine which one is best suited for your kitchen.

The Perfect Handle for Your Kitchen

Every handle listed above come with their merits and drawbacks and no one is superior to the other. Thus, it is important to figure out the right handle for your kitchen that not only looks good but also highly functional. Essential tips are described below, which will help you to select the right handle for your kitchen that is both practical and stylish.

  1. Select a Handle Style

Along with the handle’s design, consider functionality too! For instance, if you have kids who play around the house, then select a smoothly finished handle that does not protrude too much. Besides, you can choose edge profile handles that can’t be pulled easily to open drawers. If you’re a minimalist, handle-less cabinets are a brilliant alternative.

Expert Tip: Imagine how you would be using the cabinet handles and accordingly select one that perfectly matches your kitchen style.

  1. Material & Finish Selection

Handles is one of the most used parts in the kitchen, they are more vulnerable to deterioration. Handles are made using different materials and they are more than mere adornments, and you need to choose a handle material wisely.

For finishes, the most important thing is uniformity. Regardless of the finish, you select for one, you should apply it to the rest so that handles across your kitchen gets the same consistency.

Expert Tip:It’s vital to invest in the best handle material and finish and get the best value for your hard-earned money.

  1. Consider Your Kitchen’s Layout & Theme

It is imperative to shop for cabinet handles as per your kitchen’s theme. For instance, stainless-steel pull handles would look classy in a modern or contemporary home but would look out of place in a traditional or vintage home. Go for customised cabinet handles if you want to express your offbeat personality.

Always visualise your kitchen’s overall look and don’t get confused by the beautiful handle design samples. As they appear stylish by themselves doesn’t guarantee that they would also look fabulous on your kitchen cabinets.

Expert Tip: If you have adorned cabinets, then opt for simplelooking handles like knobs. It will help you to put more visual attention on your cabinet panels’ design.

Final Words

  • It is all right to shop online or in-store but consider the above-mentioned handle types and keep a free mind to think about new possibilities in your kitchen.
  • Similar to your kitchen, the right handles are a matter of personal preference; what may work for others may not work for you. To reach a decision, you need to think about the right handles keeping your kitchen design and styling in mind.
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