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Why Working with One Nursing Agency Is Always a Smart Idea

As an agency nurse, you can mold your career around your lifestyle. A nursing agency job allows organising your shifts and doing the duties you enjoy at the best appropriate time for you. However, in your pursuit of achieving career goals, is it a good idea to join more than one agency?

For starters, there is no single wrong or right answer to the question. Working as an agency nurse means that you can join as many as you like. However, taking on too many nursing jobs in Australia may also mean spreading yourself too much, which is ineffective for your career.

Conversely, staying with one agency may seem like you are placing all your eggs in one nest. But working with a single nursing agency all through your career brings you the following benefits.

Better working relationships

Working with one consultant allows creating a long-lasting relationship, so they understand your needs and intuitively match you with the right roles. Working with several agencies means that you must devote a precious amount of time into building the initial relationship every time.

A stronger relationship with the agency also means forging tighter bonds with the clients you work for. This is critical when an agency has exclusive contracts that enable you to receive notifications for local nursing jobs in Australia you prefer.

More shifts

While it is not a guarantee, working with many agencies at once might mean more shifts for you, but it could very well become an unwelcome distraction. Working with a single agency translates to less frequent calls offering the shifts your favor. Further, you establish yourself as a client’s go-to agency nurse, someone they already know, respect, and trust.

Less paperwork

An undesirable effect of working as an agency nurse is the rigorous compliance and registration process. But these reference checks and training requirements protect you, your client, and your patients. Plus, once you submit the paperwork, you can go back to doing what you love most – your job.

Fewer complications

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Agency nurses who work through their own companies find it much easier to track invoices for work done, reducing paperwork processing to receive payment. Further, you have a chance to build long-lasting relationships with the agency staff in the finance department. These relationships are what makes the payment process more comfortable when there are any issues.

Your decision

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The number of nursing agencies you decide to join is ultimately your decision as an agency nurse. Whether one or more, the final answer is not black and white but dependent on your personal preference.

Some agency nurses believe they will experience a short in shifts if they join a single agency. Experienced nurses advise on sticking with one agency to reduce the worry about opportunities for remote nursing jobs in Australia.

Get more information

If you are looking to find out more about working as an agency nurse, contact the dedicated nursing team at HealthX. Find out why working with a nursing agency in Australia is a good idea by getting in touch with them.


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