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Why You Are Better Off Purchasing Pre-Owned Moffett Forklifts For Cost Efficiency

If there is one thing that’s clear about running a business, it is that you need to be cost efficient. In layman terms, that simply means minimizing costs while maximizing profits and though that may be easy to say, achieving it in actuality may be harder than most expect. After all, cutting costs means decreasing quality or output or maybe even both, which is not a desirable action for any business.

As if this wasn’t hard enough, when you take into consideration the nature of your business, things may get complicated even further. Business owners within the material handling industry may understand what we are on about, because being cost efficient in an industry where you have to deal with heavy loads and machinery day in and day out is no child’s play.

In fact, as a business owner or a fleet manager within this industry, you have to think long and hard before making any cost cuts. The best shot you have of cutting costs is through low price and high quality machinery that goes the distance in terms of hours worked and loads transferred. However, coming across material handling equipment that offers high quality with a reasonable price tag is a rare occurrence. Or is it?

Moffett truck mounted forklifts are among the most widely used forklifts all over the world with more than 55,000 being used in the United States alone every year. This is because they offer better productivity and higher efficiency as compared to other types of forklifts, while minimizing costs. Now if you are a fleet manage looking to buy used forklifts as a way of minimizing costs while maintaining performance levels, you are better off purchasing pre-owned Moffett forklifts. Let us explain why.

The Pricing

The price for a used Moffett forklift can be anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 depending on its load lifting capacity as well as model. For example, a Moffett M5 is used most commonly in agriculture and construction and goes for around $25,000 to $29,000 if bought through reliable retailers. That might be as low a price as you can get for a forklift that comes with advanced up to date safety features and can work well in confined spaces such as warehouses and factories.

More renowned brands sell more expensive forklifts but then they come with better quality and reliability as well. However, that might not always be the case for used forklifts since the condition they are in almost always depends on the hours they put in and the load capacities they lifted during service under the previous owner.

As such, you want to buy a used forklift that you can trust and those that will not pose as a safety hazard for your workers. If you are looking to buy a used Moffett forklift for sale then you are better off buying from an authentic and reliable retailer such as Bobby Park Truck & Equipment who can ensure the quality and condition of the Moffett forklift being sold. This brings us to our second point:

The Condition

This is an important factor when purchasing a used forklift since the condition of the forklift is what dictates the decision for purchasing a used forklift in the first place. When it comes to a used Moffett forklift, there are few which come with a better promise of reliability, durability and sustained performance.

Particularly rough terrain Moffett forklifts are built to sustain while maximizing performance and delivering high quality. The same cannot be said for a lot of the forklift manufacturing brands out there. The fear surrounding purchasing pre-owned forklifts is that they will either not go the distance and break down regularly leading to higher maintenance and repair costs or pose a serious safety hazard for workers due to beaten down old condition or may be even both.

But these fears are addressed best by Moffett forklifts that come with a guarantee of 10,000 hours of operation for their standard semi-industrial distribution forklift models. This guarantee can vary depending on the model and the lifting capacity but if the recommended limits are not followed, the forklift may break down and cause a safety risk. That is why it is always a good idea to buy used forklifts from trusted sources.

The Performance

The performance is directly linked to the condition of the forklift and performance of Moffett fork trucks is hardly ever in question. They can deliver the same performance as a brand new forklift in either the same or even less time, which makes them the logical choice if you want to achieve cost efficiency. Considering all of these factors, it is only logical that a used Moffett forklift is the choice for businesses looking to achieve cost efficiency in the material handling industry.

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