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You Should Look For These Things In Eames Lounge Chair Replica

If you love Eames Lounge Chair, you probably are aware of how extraordinarily beautiful & comfortable it is. This unique piece of lounge chair was introduced in the market in 1956 by Charles Eames. Since its launch, the chair has made its place among the best evergreen lounge chairs. Even today, the chair holds its position in the list. If you are looking to buy an original Eames Lounge Chair, you can buy it from Herman Miller Company for $5000. Yes! It is that expensive. But if you can afford it, go for it. You will surely enjoy the comforting touch of this chair.

But for those who cannot afford the original, here is the good news. You can easily find an excellent Eames Lounge Chair Replica in the market. Since many companies have launched their own Eames Lounge Chair Replicas, it is important that you know which is the right one to buy.  Here, we are going to share some points that are going to help you find the best Eames Lounge Chair Replica in the market. 

Things to know while buying Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Here, in this section, you will find out a list of things that you need to check while shopping for Eames Lounge Chair Replica. Knowing what to look for while buying an Eames Lounge Chair knock-off is very important to make sure that you are making the right choice. So, let’s begin. 

i) Dimensions – The first thing that you need to check while looking for an Eames chair replica is the dimensions. The original chair has been known for packing a lot of comforting features in a small space. Most of the manufacturers trying to replicate the design have failed to get the dimensions of the chair right. However, there are some like Urban furnishing, FPlus, and Manhatten home design who have nailed it. So, whenever you are out looking for an Eames chair knock-off, you should pay attention to its dimensions. 

ii) Price – Today, you can find the Eames chair replicas between $850 to $2500. As per our research, a good quality knock-off of the Eames chair should cost you between $1200 to $1800. So, make sure you are not paying extra while buying the Eames chair replica. 

iii) Seating Posture – Another important thing to note while buying the chair replica is to note that the original chair comes with only a 15-degree tilt on the back and is not a complete recliner. So, make sure the replica you are buying has the same feature. Some manufacturers have aced copying this feature. Look for them.

Final Words

These are a few things that you should consider when looking for an Eames Chair replica in the market. It is important that you know about some unique features of the original design to make sure that the replica you are buying is good enough or not. We hope you find this article helpful. 

Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik
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