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10 Ways To Make WordPress Website Faster

A fantastic website can be made with the help of WordPress. However, one of the weaknesses is that it can be quite slow.

You could end up with a slow site without taking the right precautions. It is not only a problem for visitors’ experience, but will also result in the loss of customers and subscribers.

In this article, we are going to cover a quick guide listing all the best ways that WordPress website’s performance can improve.

Why Speed Matters?

Just a few seconds is needed to get yourself to persuade a person to stick around when he first lands on your platform.

Prepare yourself to sleep during the night: A 2-second longer delay in page response has reduced user satisfaction by 3.8 percent according to a report by the Microsoft Bing team of search, and lost revenue per user by 4.3 percent.

If you take too long to load your tab, most of the people are gone.

Not only that, but Google now has site speed in its algorithm ranking. So if your website is slow, then you are losing visitors from impatience and a lower ranking in search engines. It means that SEO has a speed effect.

How To Speed Up WordPress With CDN Software?

For one thing, I just collected everything I learned about how to accelerate WordPress page loads and listed all of them here, and these are not ordered by importance or criteria.

Choose A Good Host

A shared host might seem like a steal when you start (“Unlimited page views!”). The expense is often painfully slow and regular downtime during massive traffic hours. You kill yourself by running your WordPress site on shared hostings if you plan to publish big things. The tension of your position is sufficient to produce several new gray hairs after having a fantastic feature: do not become a victim, invest in proper hosting.

The context is extremely easy to use, and my website is still incredibly fast. I don’t have downtime when I get significant mentions (such as I’m on the Discovery Channel website).

Last but not least, customer service is a must-have when hosting. Take it from somebody who has learned the difficult way. The staff is welcoming, patient, and knowledgeable on WordPress insides and outs. For any problem that might arise, you will be your protection net.

Check your homepage and check your offers for WordPress users. You ‘re going to be happy you did.

Begin With A Great Format

You may be shocked, but the 209 theme (also known as the default WP theme) is light and fast.

It is due to their simplicity of “Guts” and the fact that they equate that with bulky frames that have lots of features you never would use, which will bog down your web.

The Focus theme frame, especially the new Focus skin, is undoubtedly my fastest loading premium framework experience (I use a wholly unplaced bones version here, but I love simplicity personally!). It overcomes the simple themes of WordPress by being much more comfortable with customizing.

Use Effective Plugins

WordPress plugins are quite helpful, but some of the best cache categories are because they dramatically improve load time and are the best of everything to do free and easy on

It’s all functionality you need and is incredibly easy to install and use. I don’t suggest or use any other caching plugin.

Just mount and cache what your website loads more efficiently.

Use A Content Delivery Network

All of your favorite big blogs use this, and you’re not surprised to find that some of your favorite blogs like Copyblogger make use of CDN software if you go to online marketing using WordPress (as I sure many of my readers are).

In essence, a CDN software or content distribution network takes all the static files that you have (CSS, Javascript, and images, etc.) on your website. It enables users to download them as quickly as possible through servers that are closest to them.

Optimize Images

Yahoo! has a Smush. It is an image optimizer that decreases the file size of a picture significantly and does not cut down on efficiency. If you’re like me, it would be more than pain and unbelievably time-consuming to do so to every image.

Luckily, there is a great, free plugin called WP-SmushIt, which will automatically upload all your photos. No explanation of why this should not be mounted. I like Squash for Mac users if you prefer to manage it on your desktop.

Optimize Your Homepage

It is not one thing but a few easy things to do to quickly upload your website, which is probably the most significant part of your site, because people most often reach it.

You can do things including getting a CDN Software:

  • Instead of full posts reveal excerpts
  • Reduce page number of posts (I like to show 5-7)
  • Delete unnecessary widgets for sharing from the homepage (only post them)
  • Remove inactive and non-necessary plugins

Work On Your Database

  • I certainly get a lot of use out of this post from the word ‘optimize’!
  • This can be done in a very tedious manual fashion, incredibly annoying.
  • The WP-Optimize plugin can simply be used, which I operate on my websites.
  • You can do one simple job with this plugin: to optimize your database for overhead reductions (spam, postal revisions, drafts, table, etc.
  • I would also like to suggest the plug-in for the WP-DB Manager, which can schedule data optimization dates.

Disable Hotlinking With CDN Software

A hotlink is a form of “theft” bandwidth. It happens when you use your servers to link to images from other websites directly from their articles.

It can add to the popularity that increasing numbers of people “scrape” your messages or site (in particular pictures), as must be done if you produce custom images regularly for your website.

Adjust Your Gravatar

On this site, you will notice that the Gravatar picture default is nothing.

This is not an esthetic choice, as it improves a load of pages only by having nothing in which a Gravatar logo or some other stupidity would be usually goofy.

You can also, just know that if you set the default image (in “Discussion” on the WordPress dashboard settings tab) for a clean room, rather than a default photo, your site speed will gain at least.

Add Lazy Load

Lazy Load is the mechanism by which only pictures above the fold load ( i.e., only pictures in the browser window available to the visitor) are shown. The other images continue to load before it appears, as the reader scrolls down.

It not only accelerates loading your website but also allows users who cannot scroll down your pages to save bandwidth by loading fewer data.

Control The Number Of Post Revisions

I saved this post about eight times to publish. WordPress would store all these drafts indefinitely, left to its own devices. Now, why should I need these drafts saved when this post is done and published?

That’s why I use Revision Control to make sure that I hold revisions to a minimum, set them to 2 or 3 so that if you make a mistake, you have something to fix, but not too big, to flood the backend with an excessive amount of drafted articles.

Turn Off Pingbacks

WordPress interacts by default with blogs that have pingbacks and trackbacks. Whenever another blog mentions you, your site will be alerted, and data on the post will be changed. Turning this off won’t hurt your website backlinks, just the setting that will create a lot of work.

Replace PHP with HTML

This one is a little advanced, but if you want to include page load rates, then I have added it, you can cut down your loading time.

If I didn’t link up on this topic, I would do this great post injustice, because, in a few minutes, I was taught how to do it myself.

Go, check it out, it wrote out plainly as I could ever do!

Use Cloudflare

That’s close to that of using CDN software, but because I spoke about it in my best post on web analytics, I wanted to add it here separately. I have a lot of fun using Cloudflare.

In short, CloudFlare, together with those mentioned above W3 Total Cache plug-in, is a potent (integrate) combination, which will not only greatly enhance speed but also increase the security of your site.

These were some tips that can help you make your WordPress site load faster and keep the visitor stuck to your content. Follow these steps, and you will see a hike in your traffic, giving you increased revenue and also will help in ranking your website to the top pages as it will perform better than your rivals. Also, keep in mind to make it a regular habit to check the speed of your website, and this will help you maintain constant growth.

Vaishali Sonik
Vaishali Sonik
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