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13 Tips to keep the plumbing and Painting issues away

Nothing is more annoying than plumbing or paint issues. Before you have to call painting services sydney or plumbing services Rose Bay, make sure you try to prevent the issues beforehand. Let’s begin with a few plumbing issues.

                        Avoid Pouring Grease in the Drain

Everyone likes to pour their cooking grease into a drain. It’s convenient, after all. However, whenever it hardens and clogs your drain, it’s a bit inconvenient. There are many ways to dispose of cooking grease. Some will chill it and then throw it away. It can be a little annoying, but a clogged drain is even more so. If you do end up pouring it into a drain, make sure you clean it out ASAP.

                        Drain Screens Help

A drain screen keeps food, hair, and other items from falling into a drain. Without a drain screen, you may end up dropping something valuable, such as your jewelry, into the drain. On the other hand, useless items like food scraps can clog up your drain. Either way, get yourself a drain screen. You can easily place it on the drain without much hassle.

                        Baking Soda and Vinegar Helps

Clean out your drains  monthly by using baking soda. Use a quarter cup and put it in your drains. Then, use a bit of warm water. Afterwards, a cup of vinegar should be poured into the drain. Let it settle for some hours and then use hot water to flush it out. This is a cheaper and less dangerous way to clean out your drain. Other drain cleaners may end up damaging your drain if you’re not careful.

                        Try a Plumbing Snake

For clogged drains, you may want to consider a cleaner. However, some clogs can be removed with a plumbing snake. This can help you save money and keep your drain nice and clean. Try it out and see the difference.

                        Don’t Shut Your Faucet Too Tightly

When you turn off your faucet, you obviously want to make sure it’s completely turned off so it doesn’t leak or whatnot. On the other hand, closing it too hard can make you end up with a faucet that’s too tight and can even leak.

                A Hose Screen Works Well for a Washing Machine Too

A washing machine is expensive and you should try your best to make sure it lasts a long time. That’s why if you have a washing machine, you should put a screen on the hoses. This can prevent clogs and other forms of damage. Once a year or so, make sure you’re replacing the screens.

                        Now for Paint Problems

When you paint, the problem that comes is when it’s peeling. Nothing is worse than wasting your time painting, and then it peels off. With that said, there are many ways you can prevent your paint from peeling. Here are a few ways.

                        Clean the Surface Before Painting

Too many people don’t clean the surface before they paint. By cleaning, we aren’t saying that you have to pressure wash it. Usually, a wet cloth treatment will suffice, unless the surface is extremely dirty. Wipe it with a wet cloth, then dry it off with a tack cloth to make sure it’s really clean.

                        Look at the Surface’s Finish

Sometimes, you’re painting over a surface that can prevent the paint from sticking. For example, a glossy or waxy finish may not keep the paint on. When you do that, sand the finish to make sure it’s removed, and then paint over it.

Obviously, if the surface is not finished, then you don’t have to worry much about sanding it. However, if there is a finish, you may want to remove it before you apply paint to it.

                        Paint Thinly

When people paint, they sometimes put thicker coats on it. This saves time, at least in theory. However, thick coats don’t provide much protection. Instead, paint thinly to give you the most protection possible. A finisher can also give you more protection. If you want to make sure it stays on, be  more delicate with your painting.

                        Make Sure to Use a Finish

There are some paints that have finishes already, and you don’t have to worry too much about this rule. However, there are other paints that don’t have a topcoat, and you should apply it especially if you plan on using it a lot. There are some topcoats that give it a shiny appearance, and other topcoats that make it look more natural. It’s up to you to pick the best topcoat for your situation, but make sure you do it.

                        Give it Time to Cure

When the topcoat is dry, it may not be over just yet. You may need to give it more time to cure. Sometimes, it may take a couple weeks before full curing happens. Until then, do not put anything on it if you can. This will depend on many factors. If it’s hot outside, it can take a while for it to cure, so make sure that you give it time.

                        Buy The Best Quality Paint

Paint is something you shouldn’t cheap out on. There are plenty of budget paints, but many of them don’t offer the same amount of quality. Instead, you should buy paint that has better quality if you want better results. Also, make sure the paint is appropriate for the surface you’re putting it on.

                        Sometimes, Hiring a Pro is Good

It’s understandable why you’d want to do things yourself. Unclogging a toilet yourself or painting your house by yourself is cheaper. However, if you’re not confident with your skills, it can be costly. If you end up breaking your plumbing or making the paint job worse, it can cost more to fix it. Sometimes, it’s okay to hire a professional to help you with your plumbing or painting. Talk to a pro today and see what they can do for your situation. Odds are, they can help.


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