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Basic Operations and Features of Arizer Air Ii Vaporizers

The popularity of vaporizers is increasing day by day as over the past few years the demand for such electronic devices has grown significantly. Many people quit smoking and started using such e-cigarettes as it is believed that using vaporizers are less harmful than smoking. The technology behind vaporizers is getting modernized day by day. Numerous brands are manufacturing such type of electronic nicotine delivery systems to help people with alternatives to traditional smoking. Arizer Air II vaporizers are appealing to smokers as well as non-smokers owing to its smoothness.

Arizer Air Ii

Operation of vaporizers

 Active ingredients are extracted by vaporizers in two primary ways and these are as follows:

  1. a) Conduction: The plant material is heated here when it is brought in close proximity to something which is heated already.This is the first way in which vaporizers worked. However there is a flaw in the design. Using conduction method the essential oil content of the plant matter is only heated. The rest of the herb is not noticed. Even of the heat is turned up it does cover a larger area. However it can lead to overheating and burn the content. So this is not a very effective vaporizing operation.
  2. b) Convection:Heater air is here blown over the plant matter to heat it up. On the other hand this is a much more reliable method. Heater air is blown and hence most of the parts of the plant gets touched and vaporizes. The results are much better than the conduction form.

 Facts and Specifications: 

1) A latest upgrades:Arizer Air II is an upgraded version of Air and covers some new featuressuch as full temp spectrum, upgraded battery, better air flow, micro USB and on-vape controls. The improved battery offers 25% more usability which means you can enjoy using it a little longer. The addition of micro USB charging is also another plus point as it allows you to charge the device on the go. The full temp spectrum allows you to take optimum control over the vaporizer.

2) Size and Dimensions: The height of the vaporizer is 4.88 inches and if you are using it with the mouthpiece it’s around 7 inches. The diameter is 1.13 inch and it weighs around 4.1 ounces which makes it easier to carry wherever you go.

3) Batterylife: Arizer Air II vaporizer comes with a 3200 mah battery which is rechargeable and replaceable. If you are going to use the vaporizer for a longer duration while on the go, then it’s recommended to purchase an extra battery as a backup. It takes about 2 hours to completely charge the battery and it lasts for roughly 80 minutes.

4) Warranty: Two years warranty can be obtained on the components of the vaporizer and also for any kind of manufacturing defects. The battery comes with one year warranty and the heating chamber has a lifetime warranty.

5) Vapor quality: The vapor quality is exceptionally good and the taste is also pretty good.

6) Easy to use: This vaporizer is extremely easy to use for both advanced and amateur users. Loading the dry herb in the chamber is also easy.It is also very easy to clean and maintain the device. Cleaning up the device once after 15 sessions is good enough for the vaporizer to function effectively.

These portable vaporizers are highly effective. Technology is improving day by day and with this the technology behind the manufacturing of the vaporizers is also improving. Keep an eye in the market to explore new innovations and discoveries made in this field.

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