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19 Signs You Would Make an Excellent Engineer

Engineering is all about using science and mathematics to solve problems. There are many different sections, all working on building, creating, and manufacturing ideas. It is a lucrative and respectable career, but it takes a certain kind of individual to thrive in this role.

If the thought of becoming an engineer has crossed your mind, then here are nineteen signs that it’s a career path for you.

  1. You Love to Learn

Becoming an engineer requires a lot of learning. You will need a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, with many engineers deciding to go on to do their master’s. A master’s is especially important if you wish to climb the ladder to a more advanced, managerial role – click here for more information on this.

As an engineer, you will not just learn while you are at university, either, as it is a career that is ever-evolving, so you will attain new knowledge all the time. If you love to learn, then this part of engineering will certainly appeal to you.

  1. You Work Well with Others

Engineering isn’t a solo job. You need to work with many people in order to complete projects to the highest standard, and this requires working well in a team. If you love being around people and working together to create the best outcome possible, then engineering is a role in which you would thrive. If you prefer isolation while working, however, then another career might be best for your skills.

  1. You Have Endless Creativity

When thinking about engineering, many people assume that it’s mainly technical and logical, but that isn’t the case. Engineering requires a lot of creativity, as it involves coming up with innovative solutions to problems.

If you are both creative and technical, then you would shine as an engineer.

  1. You Work on Something Until it is Complete

Engineers sometimes work on projects for a long time and must push through no matter how many obstacles are in their way. That means engineers must be the kind of people who don’t give up on something until it is complete.

If you are the type of person who starts something and doesn’t abandon it until it is finished, then you would work well on engineering projects. It’s not a role that is easy, so it takes determination to succeed.

  1. Money is a Motivator

Engineering pays well, so if money is one of your motivators, you’ll find comfort in this career. Of course, that doesn’t mean it should be the only part of the job that pushes you, but a high salary never hurts!

  1. You’re Good at Voicing Your Ideas

Having great ideas is one thing, but the ability to voice them with clarity is another. As an engineer, you will have endless amounts of ideas, some genius, and some only worthy of being binned. While not every idea will be a success, you must be able to voice them to others in a way that makes them understand clearly.

If you have great communication skills and have always thought you could make it as a teacher, then you would thrive in this area of engineering. Remember, engineers work with others, which requires a lot of conversation.

  1. You are Always Fixing Things

Are you the kind of person to throw something as soon as it starts playing up, or do you take it apart until it is barely recognizable, determined to get it working again? If you are more of the latter, you have the kind of problem-solving brain that is required of engineers.

While engineers are designers and builders, they are also fixers. It’s all about coming up with solutions to problems and being innovative with your ideas – if that excites you, then you’d make an excellent engineer.

  1. You Excel at Science and Mathematics

While you might not associate creativity with science and mathematics, engineering requires the kind of person who excels at all three. If you scored high in your math and science exams in school, and have a deep understanding of both of these subjects, then you already have some of the skills required to be a great engineer.

When studying engineering, you’ll need more than just a basic understanding of science and mathematics, so make sure you are comfortable with those subjects before applying to engineering courses.

  1. You Like the Idea of Travel

Engineering is needed all over the world, which means that if you want to move far away from your home town, then you have the option to do so as an engineer. There are also opportunities to move around while working as an engineer, which suits those who like traveling and exploration. This isn’t a requirement of all engineers, but if traveling interests you, then this is an excellent perk.

  1. You are Always on Time

Organizational skills are mandatory for engineering. It’s not a role you can show up too late and push back deadlines – as you would be working in a team, you must commit to the project fully. If you are the kind of person who always shows up on time and never misses a deadline, then this would be a great advantage if you were to become an engineer.

  1. You Are Tech Savvy

Engineering has progressed greatly in the last a hundred years, and now, it uses more technology than ever. Even if you’re not striving to become a software engineer, you will need to be comfortable enough around tech to use it to your advantage.

If you have many of the skills required to be an engineer, but you’re a little tech allergic, then consider taking technology courses. After all, the use of tech is only going to grow in the coming years!

  1. You Need to Know How things Work

Some people are simply satisfied with the what, while others are determined to know how. If you are one of those people who are curious about how things work, then you have the mind of an engineer.

  1. You are Highly Ambitious

Becoming an engineer isn’t an easy, straightforward path. It takes motivation, education, and a lot of work experience to succeed, which requires a highly ambitious person.

It is understandable that becoming an engineer takes so much work when so much intelligence, knowledge, and skill is required to succeed. Before embarking on becoming an engineer, make sure you are ambitious enough to follow it through to the end.

  1. You Are Patient

Patience is necessary for engineers, as coming up with solutions can sometimes take a lot of time. Some projects are highly complicated and require perseverance, meaning those who give up easily will not succeed. If you can keep pushing even after two-hundred failed attempts, however, then you have the patience required to work well as an engineer.

  1. You Lift those Around You

As previously mentioned, engineers must work in a team, but this takes a little more than communicating with others well – you must also have the ability to lift those around you. To succeed, you should be able to work in a way that benefits others and improves their work as well as yours.

  1. You Retain Knowledge Easily

Being a successful engineer requires a lot of knowledge, which means they need to retain information easily. A mind like a sieve won’t be able to keep the information required to succeed.

Does new information stay with you? If the answer is yes, then you could become an engineer. Of course, knowledge is more likely to stick around if you are passionate about the subject, so don’t worry too much if you’ve forgotten the poems you learned in school if you were never interested in poetry!

  1. You’re Passionate about Saving the Earth

Many areas of engineering, especially environmental engineering, actively work towards building an eco-friendlier world. If you are passionate about this, you could choose an engineering role that helps the planet, allowing you to do something you are proud of every single day.

  1. You Pay Attention to Detail

While engineering does require being able to see the bigger picture, it is also necessary to pay attention to detail. When working on a project, engineers must isolate a certain problem and work hard on that one area for the benefit of the overall task. This isn’t always easy, especially for those whose attention span is limited, but those who are detail-oriented thrive in this role.

  1. You Want to Become an Engineer

The biggest sign that becoming an engineer is right for you is knowing you want to become an engineer. After all, it is passion that motivates people the most. If you are passionate enough about succeeding in this career, then you will work hard to attain the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

Fortunately, there are plenty of different roles within engineering, including civil engineering, environmental engineering, and marine engineering, so you are sure to find a career that fits you perfectly.

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