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3 of the Best Places to Visit If You Want to Pan for Gold

Gold panning has been a popular hobby for Aussies, Canadians and Americans for nearly two centuries now.Despite there being several changes introduced to the act ever since it first came to be, the enthusiasm for it has not dwindled. If you are looking to go panning for gold as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, here are three spots that should be at the top of your priority list.

Warrego in Northern Territory, Australia

Warrego is often hailed as one of the best regions to pan for gold in all of Australia, if not the best region for it. However, this is a dry panning site where the gold is abundant but requires a metal detector to successfully find the flakes, or, if you are exceptionally lucky, perhaps even a few nuggets. Why Warrego is rated so high is not just because there is gold to be panned here, but also because of the fact that you won’t need to dig around too much for it either. Almost all the flakes and nuggets were found closer to the surface than in any other area.

Reed Gold Mine in North Carolina, USA

You can pan for gold near the Reed Gold Mine in Charlotte, NC for a price of $2 per panner. They charge money because very few places in the world are still as rich for panning as the area around this gold mine is, even today. Unfortunately, covid has made accessing the best areas for panning around the Reed Gold Mine quite a difficult task.

The entire operation was first closed indefinitely, and then it reopened with severe restrictions and minimum allowance. As it happens, much of the same applies to all the sites mentioned here, which can be frustrating for panning enthusiasts. Until things get back to normal, or until you can find some time away from the myriad of responsibilities to go panning again, try panning safely at home with a few bags of genuine gold pay dirt from

Rye Patch State Recreation Area in Nevada, USA

This area is open all the time and throughout the year for gold panners to try their luck along the shoreline, which stretches out for more than 72 miles. There are also plenty of additional fishing, camping and hiking areas in the region to consider while you are there.

After you are done, do drive up northwards and visit the nearby Eldorado Canyon as well. When a canyon is named after the mythical City of Gold (El Dorado), you know that it’s not for nothing. The Techatticup Mine located hereis one of most infamous, as well as the most iconic gold mining sites in all of Nevada, which is saying something, given how many of these historical sites there are in the state for gold miners and panners to venture through.

If you have not yet tried any of these spots before, chances are that you won’t be left disappointed by giving them a try.

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