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How to Throw a Festival-Themed Wedding

Traditionally, weddings have been formal affairs with crisp whites, gorgeous floral arrangements, and sit-down gourmet meals. While this is still a popular choice for a lot of couples, there has certainly been a move towards more casual atmospheres at weddings as younger generations want to break away from tradition. Having a festival-inspired wedding is something that has increased in popularity, particularly for couples who are looking to have their big day during the summer months. If you have recently become engaged and you and your partner think this could be the kind of celebration you want, here are some tips on how to throw the perfect festival-themed wedding:

Live Music

When you think of a festival, the first thing that comes to mind is the fantastic musicians performing all day and into the night, and people packed together in crowds, jumping and dancing to the beat. So, it makes perfect sense to hire a wedding band to play live at your festival-themed wedding rather than using a DJ. To find the right musicians for your wedding, use this site that can show you wedding bands Hampshire and other UK locations or a similar website for wherever you are in the world.

Food Trucks

A three-course meal is not going to mesh well with the festival vibe that you’re going for, so instead, hire food vendors to set up their trucks and stalls for your guests to sample instead. This is great because having a couple of different vendors allows your guests a bit more choice when it comes to dinner, whether it be wood-fired pizzas, dim sum, hot dogs and burgers, kebabs, burritos – whatever you think will be the most popular with your guests. You should consider having a vendor that specializes in sweet treats as well for dessert, and remember to think about including vegan/vegetarian options, gluten-free, etc., for guests who might have specific requirements.

Face Painters and Glitter Stations

Even though your bridal party and guests might have spent a long time on their makeup, having face painters and glitter stations are perfect for a festival-vibe! They’re a great way for your guests to have some fun and pretend they’re at Glastonbury or Coachella. They’ll make for some excellent photos from the festivities, too!

Bright, Floral Décor

Another way to encapsulate the festival atmosphere is through your décor choices. Bright, cheery colors will always work well, as will plenty of floral wreaths, crowns, arches, and so on. Have twinkle lights set up so they’re delicately hanging over the dance floor, and perhaps even some neon lighting dotted about the place. You could even find some prints of vintage posters for your favorite festivals to hang up around the place.

Bonfires and Tents

Finally, if you are having a summer wedding and can host most of the party outdoors, consider having some fire pits dotted around to add to the atmosphere and keep your guests warm. A bigger bonfire could also work nicely; just make sure that this is done safely and check with your venue first. Having tents put up over the tables and elegantly lit up would also look lovely.

If your dream wedding is a little less formal than is traditionally expected, use these tips to help you put together a memorable festival-themed wedding.


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