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4 Minor-to-Major Building Maintenance Projects

Company buildings are no different from our homes in the sense that they require ongoing maintenance to avoid larger issues developing. As such, minor problems can grow into major ones for building maintenance managers if difficulties are not addressed when they first arise.

We provide some thoughts below on 4 minor-to-major building maintenance projects that need tackling sooner rather than later.

Updating the Grounds to Make It Safer and Aesthetically Pleasing

When acquiring a lease or purchasing a building outright, the attention may have been on the facilities inside the building and not the exterior. However, when visitors regularly are coming to the premises, this oversight may have become more a more prescient matter.

For safety reasons, some footpaths and low walls structures nearby may need replacing or repairing to resolve uneven paving stones, ones with missing sections, or walls seemingly ready to topple over. It’s easy to get a shoe heel stuck in the gap between two stones, causing an employee or visitor to fall on company property. So, fixing something small like this is more important than it might first appear.

Also, improving the overall aesthetics with some gardening work to add life to the business grounds is worthwhile too. It puts the finishing touches on the possibly forgotten exterior.

HVAC Maintenance and Upgrades

Installed HVAC systems may be insufficient for the size of the premises. That could be something that was a pre-existing problem, but as the new owner or leaseholder, it could be unavoidable for you now.

Depending on which company is responsible for the HVAC system, have them look at what is involved with upgrading its capabilities to improve performance throughout the building.

Also, if it’s found that the system hasn’t been maintained using an HVAC engineer in quite some time, then get a qualified person to inspect and repair anything necessary too.

Roof Repair and Re-Roofing Projects

The roofing structure of a large office building, commercial warehouse, or mixed-use structure is considerable. Unlike a residential home, it’s produced differently and uses materials that aren’t common with a house. Also, size is a factor too.

Potential roof repairs need to be inspected to understand their long-term viability. Contact a reputable roofing contractor such as Lidoran Roofing’s Brisbane industrial roof repair service to find out what needs doing. Sometimes a new roof is needed if repairs are no longer economical and the roof is in too poor a condition.

Replacing Carpeting or Flooring

The flooring in office areas is something that benefits from addressing when there are missing flooring squares or corners that are sticking up.

Replacing missing sections, and in some cases, doing away with a worn flooring solution for a fresh one will make the premises safer and reduce ongoing maintenance.

The list of maintenance requirements and significant upgrades often depends on the age of the building structure and the installed facilities. Companies that have recently moved into a building should take stock of it to have realistic expectations for the future.

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