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New study finds Oakland, CA has high rate of distracted driving

A recent study dug into the rate of distracted driving throughout the country. One portion of the study looked specifically at the rate of distracted driving incidents in big cities. It examined data from Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, New York and other, similarly sized cities.

The researchers found that the Oakland area was one of the top locations for distracted driving practices.

Details on the study: Who, what and where.

The study, commissioned by an insurance company, included the review of driving habits for 3.1 million drivers over a span of 89 days and 10 billion miles. It included both commercial and individual drivers but focused specifically on passenger vehicles.

Researchers gathered data using smartphone sensors. The sensors gather data about various driving infractions like speeding, collisions and phone use. The sensor would note if the phone was in use for a certain period while the vehicle was in motion but would not distinguish which app was in use. Researchers compiled the data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Distraction was present during 88 percent of all trips
  • Drivers average 3.5 minutes of phone use every hour while driving
  • Chances of a collision increase 20-fold when eyes are off the road for as little as two seconds

The group behind the study states it is the largest of its kind.

Impact of the study: A call for change

The publication calls for change at three levels: individuals, insurance companies and legislators. Individuals can put their phones down and focus on the roads, insurance companies can account for distracted driving within their risk models and legislators can consider the proposal of stricter distracted driving laws.

Reality of the study: Number of victims of distracted driving accidents may be greater than we realize

According to the study, 69 million drivers were driving while distracted. This is almost ten times greater than previous government data. If this is true, the number of car accidents that are the result of distracted driving practices may be higher than originally thought. As such, any individual seriously injured in a car accident should consider the possibility that the other driver was distracted.

If distraction contributed to the accident, compensation may be available through a civil suit. A Largo car accident lawyer can review the details of your car accident and injury and provide counsel on the best course of action.


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