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4 Reasons To Caravan Or Camp When Visiting South Australia

The default when planning a vacation is often to start looking for a hotel or an Air BnB, and there’s nothing wrong with this option.

However, if you’re looking for a vacation that is a real break from your day to life because it offers you a completely different way of living while you’re away, then camping or staying in a caravan is a great option.

The views and the silence

The main reason that people enjoy staying in a caravan or camping is that you can choose to stay somewhere completely beautiful and completely quiet.

Rather than being surrounded by the sounds of a bustling town or city, you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of birdsong, and you’ll be able to see the landscape around you.

This offers a great chance to reconnect with the people you are on vacation with, as the distractions of modern-day life are removed, and you are able to really appreciate one another.

You don’t need to go completely off the grid

Some people like to wild camp, stay in a tent in the middle of the woods and really rough it! While this can be a great option, it’s not that practical if you have children or if you’re just a person who really appreciates access to running water and a toilet!

Hahndorf Resort caravan parks Adelaide offers you the best of both worlds. It’s set in a stunning location, right near the picturesque German town of Handorf, but it also offers you all of the amenities that you need – plus a swimming pool and lots of evening entertainment.

Gorgeous hiking trails

Camping or staying in a caravan means that you can get closer to one of the many hiking trails near Adelaide, which allows you to stroll through the gorgeous scenery and enjoy the fresh air and local wildlife.

The area is so varied that you can choose to tailor your walking trail however you want, keeping it short and family-friendly or making it a day-long hike! Some great walking spots include the Waite Conservation Reserve, The Old Salisbury Town Heritage Walk, or you could take the self-guided outdoor art highlights walk, which lets you take in some of the wonderful examples of historical art in the area.

Reconnect with nature

The main reason that people love to camp or stay in a caravan is that it gives them a chance to reconnect with nature. It can be really easy to forget that there is so much more to this world than all of the things that humans concern themselves with on a daily basis! There’s something really soothing about falling asleep to the sound of crickets and waking up to a bird song.

If reconnecting with nature appeals to you, then you will want to make visiting one of Adelaide’s many national parks part of your vacation itinerary. The Belair National Park is just 20 minutes outside of the city and boasts two waterfalls! If breathtaking coastal views are more your thing, then you should check out the Hallet Cove conservation park. It’s located on the site of a glacial lake that melted around 270 million years ago and is renowned as one of Australia’s most important archaeological sites.



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