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4 Useful Mindhacking Tips – Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor BDNF

How can you optimize your intelligence and memory while lowering the risk of neurodegenerative diseases?

The magic is called BDNF or Brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

If you want to deliver better mental performance.

If you want to increase your productivity and concentration.

If you generally want to be in a better mood, read this article carefully until the end.

You’ll learn about the magical twenty percent and how to cleverly increase your BDNF level.

What is BDNF and what is it capable of?

The growth factor BDNF is a naturally occurring growth hormone that acts on neurons in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Simply put, old neurons are protected and new neurons are stimulated to grow.

Especially in the higher brain regions, which are responsible for memory and abstract thinking, this growth factor is very active.

The exciting thing: You can improve your BDNF level in a clever and natural way and thereby increase your learning speed.

Why does your brain really need BDNF?

The task of BDNF in the brain is to maintain neural structures and build new ones.

But what happens if the body does not produce enough BDNF?

The question is easy to answer.

Of course, mental performance decreases.

It becomes more difficult to remember the old and to learn new things.

But that is far from the end of the flagpole.

BDNF deficiency is associated with developmental disorders and depression.

The brain goes limp without BDNF and can no longer pursue its actual task as brain chemistry gets out of balance.

You need to optimize your BDNF mirror in order to improve your mental performance.

In order not only to prevent a deficiency but to optimize your values, you should keep the following five areas in mind.

  1. High-intensity Training and Exercise

Regular exercise improves your mental performance and reduces the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases.

But what about a direct effect of high-intensity workouts?

This question was asked by German scientists who conducted a study on this question.

To do so, they divided 27 participants into a sprint group, an endurance group, and a dormant group.

The study found that high-intensity workouts also increase BDNF levels in addition to many important neurotransmitters.

Just two short sprints improved the learning speed of the sprint group by 20% compared to the endurance group and the dormant group.

Thus, this group was able to learn 20% faster in 8 minutes.

The sprint group training protocol consisted of a 3-minute sprint followed by a 2-minute recovery and another 3-minute sprint.

The most important for maximizing BDNF release through exercise is intensity. It is as much work as possible to do in a small period of time.

As an alternative to a sprint, you can do 2 sets of 3 minutes kettlebell swings.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting, that is short and regular fasting, not only inhibits inflammation and balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, but also increases the BDNF level.

Already 12 hours are enough for these effects.

If you want to know more about this topic, be sure to read this article full of background informationabout this topic.

  1. Sufficient Sunlight

Sunlight is vital to the human body.

The light creates a very special rhythm in the body.

Particularly, it affects the production of serotonin and melatonin. That is the phase between sleeping and being awake or the production of vitamin D.

Some people notice it from the winter depression and many others during the spring.

The BDNF levels also seem to show seasonal differences, which are directly related to the solar irradiation.

Spend as much time as possible under the open sky.

This not only improves your BDNF level, but it also bends vitamin D deficiency.


  1. The Right Foods

I don’t need to tell you that your diet has a significant impact on your performance and health.

You will have experienced that yourself when you have designed your diet properly and suddenly realize how good you can feel.

The western diet is crammed with carbohydrates.

Too many ready meals are consumed and this diet is anything but humanely.

You should have understood even without a diploma in ecotropic.

Reduce sugar consumption drastically!

High sugar intake was associated with lower BDNF levels.

Make sure you eat enough micronutrients and eat fresh ingredients.

Put aside the empty calories in the high-processed foods.

Instead, make sure you have high-quality ingredients, such as plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, high-quality pasture or venison, wild-caught fish (many omega-3s), eggs from free-range chickens, some berries, some fruits, and nuts consumed.

If you want to increase your mental performance or prevent neurodegenerative diseases, even more, the ketogenic diet or the introduction of ketogenic phases as a type of intervention might be the right thing you.

Some green tea supports the effect of BDNFas well.

Unfortunately, good old green tea (and Matcha) got disreputed within the last few years by a study.

Supposedly, green tea should lower testosterone in large quantities.

Once again, the dose is the poison.

Personally, I am a clear fan of green tea, because it not only supports the burning of fat but according to a study improves the neurogenetic effect– the formation of new nerve cells.

Final Thought: Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor

As you can see, with a variety of simple methods (so-called biohacking) it is possible to increase your BDNF level and thereby increase your performance.

The more books I read, the studies I work through and the lectures I attend, the clearer it becomes to me that we could describe the processes in the body incredibly complex.

But the actual steps, the simple things you can integrate into your everyday life to be more energetic, powerful and happy, are always the same.

So, the good news is that even if you transfer only a fraction of what you learn on this page into your life, you almost kill several birds with one stone.

You’ll benefit tremendously from these bits of advice!

Whether you want to be at full throttle in the university, run a big business, or throw the budget while you raise kids at the same time need.

Many roads lead to Rome. Most importantly, you decide to take the first step.

Do you know any other ways to increase your BDNF level?

Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

Thanks a lot for reading folks.

Talk soon,


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