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Best States In The United States To Live In

Are planning on buying a new home and want to move states. You might be confused about where you should. We will give the list of places you should live in the US; these places, cities, and states are the best of the best in terms of health care, livability, education, and crime rate. So, all these places are perfect for your move with or without family.

These places provide security good income and you can live the American dream. We will be naming states mostly not the cities. All these states and the cities in them are safe for you to live in.


The reason Washington is on top of our list is that it is the place where you can earn a lot. According to Forbes Washington is the number one best state to make a living. With an average income of $80,000 per year, it is the best state on our list. The average home cost in Washington is $380,000.

It is among the top ten states when it comes to the healthcare ranking and among the top five as far as education is concerned. It is a beautiful state an outdoor lover’s dream. All cities and villages in Washington are worth living and worth visiting.


Vermont is the state with the second lowest crime rate in the United States and it is a great state to live in. With an average income of $57,000 per year, it is among our top three states. Moreover, the cost of living here is 101 which means it is not as expensive as Washington and it’s just a point above the average of the United States.

When it comes to the quality of life ranking Vermont occupies the second spot on the list. When it comes to health care Vermont is currently occupying the fourth spot. With an average cost of $195,400, Vermont is a great state to live in.

South Dakota:

South Dakota is another fabulous state which is also super cheap. It is cheaper than the national average, the national average is 100 while South Dakota is 95. The median home cost in South Dakota is $185,300 which means you can easily afford a home here.

With an average income of $56,000, it is among the top 20 states to live in the US with a good standard of education and great health care. If you are moving to South Dakota you will be safe and happy.


If you are searching for real estate agents in Georgia, search them in Wyoming instead. Wyoming is another great state because average income here is about $60,000 so your future is secure here. The median home price is a little bit higher but we understand that it is totally worth it. Average home price is $230,800 in Wyoming.

Wyoming is great because it is one of the states with the best health care and even better education. This is a perfect place for a family to live in because your family’s future is safe and your children education is also secure.


The US paradise is also a great place to live in. It is not just a vacation spot it has the best health care in the United States and not to mention the standard of education here is very high. The average household income is around $77,000 which is huge and the minimum wage is above $10 in Hawaii.

How can we not mention the Hawaiian weather, it is mostly sunny in Hawaii. The beaches are beautiful and the people or Hawaii are really nice. You will be living in paradise if you move to Hawaii. The only weakness is the high cost of homes in Hawaii.


Texas is another great state with an average income of $59,000 and low taxes Texas is on our top ten list. Moreover, it is a relatively cheap state. With a living cost of 101, it is only one point ahead of the national average.

The median home price here is 198,000 which means if you wish to buy a home in Texas you can easily do it. Health care is Texas is better than most states and the education standard is also very good. Even the crime rate in Texas is not that high.

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire is a beautiful state and there is no doubt about it. The average household income in New Hampshire is $73,000 which is better than most states in our country. But it is relatively expensive, with an average of 114 it is more expensive than the national average but high incomes make up for it.

Median home price in New Hampshire is around $273,000. It ranked number 16 in health in 2018 which is great moreover, it ranked number five in education in 2018. The educational standard of New Hampshire is amazing. There are a lot of job opportunities here in New Hampshire.


Colorado ranks no 14 in the quality of life. Which is a good thing? The average household income is also good it is $69,000. The cost of living, however, is high in Colorado it is around 131 which is a lot higher than the national average but you can easily find a job in Colorado.

Median home price is 380,000 here in Colorado if you have a good amount of money saved only then you can buy a home here. However, health and education standards are really good in Colorado.


Nebraska is a very peaceful state and a good place to live if you have children and family. With an average household income of $56.000 and now combine that with a 94.5 cost of living. It is a jackpot.

You can easily afford a house here because the average home cost is $163,000. It is a relatively cold state but if you don’t mind cold Nebraska might be the best for you.

These are the best states in the United States to live in, all of them are equally good in one way or another.

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