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4 Ways Paint Can Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Paint provides a simple and affordable way for homeowners to improve their house’s appearance. It lends the structure a refreshing new look and appeal — details that are most useful when you are selling your property.

A property’s curb appeal is crucial in real estate. It is one of the most important elements that can make or break the sale. This is because having an excellent curb appeal helps create a positive and lasting first impression on potential buyers which, ultimately, makes it easier to close a deal.

Aside from that, it also bolsters the property’s price, so it can be considered as a form of investment with a good ROI.

Not sure about how you can paint your house to make it look more appealing to onlookers even from a distance? Here are four ways to efficiently use paint in enhancing your home’s curb appeal:

1.   Glam Up the Porch Floor

The porch is one of the first elements of the house that people see when they approach your property, so glamming it up before potential buyers arrive is an excellent idea. And one of the best and easiest ways to keep it looking welcoming is to paint the porch floor.

Aside from offering a good look for your home, maintaining the front porch also helps ensure the longevity of the house.

To choose a decorative concrete paint for your porch, you must first look at the big picture. Start by standing on the curb facing your home and consider the style of the house, particularly the trim and any brick or stone works. Once you take note of this, you should pick colors that complement or make the house’s original style stand out.

For example, if you live in a home with cedar trim, river rock walls, a sage-toned build, or a country vibe overall, you should go for moss green porch floor paint.

2.   Paint the Fences

While your home may be the center of attention in a real estate sale, having a beautiful fence is still crucial in enhancing its appeal. This is because a fence is much like a picture frame that draws people’s attention to a lovely photograph it holds.

If you have a wood fence, you must remember to maximize the natural aesthetic it has and make it work for your property’s curb appeal. You have two options for this: staining and painting.

Staining using clear finishes is recommended if you wish to preserve the natural wood color of your fence. However, this would only last one to two years before they start to peel off and show the greying wood underneath.

However, if you wish to make your fence look fresher for longer, you can choose to paint. Paints have stronger colors, so you’ll surely capture the prospective buyers’ attention even before they reach your property.

3.   Reimagine Your Door Color

For some reason, properties have better curb appeal when their doors stand out rather than blend in with the entire façade. Fortunately, paint offers a way to make this happen without much fuss.

Painting your front door is both cheap and easy to do. In fact, you can do it all by yourself, even without any experience in the task.

Of course, if you decide to do it on your own, you have to research how to apply paint properly. Below are some examples of the things you must know before taking on a DIY door painting task:

a)     Using primers

Primers are products used to fill surface pores and improve adhesion of the topcoats. They give doors a very light pigmentation to ensure that the paint applied on top of them covers the surface better.

There are two types of primers available on the market: oil-based and acrylic latex. Oil-based or alkyd primers are quite popular in the past, but more and more professionals are choosing acrylic latex primers in their projects today. Still, it is important to note that both work well in achieving the purpose.

The key to getting optimal results lies in the quality of product and application. Buy only high-quality products and be sure to apply them correctly. Keep in mind that better primers have a higher price tag, but they provide better results as well.

Before using these products, always read the label and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This is to make sure that you don’t apply too thinly and make other rookie mistakes when it comes to using paint primers.

b)    Choosing a color

If you’re after better recall and a lasting first impression, many experts recommend going for bolder colors for your door. However, you have to make sure that you pick one that enhances and accentuates the entire façade of the house and never ones that might clash with it.

One pro tip to do this the right way is to tape paint chips to the existing door. You should also check various color swatches and try out small samples on certain parts of the door to see how it would look like with the rest of the house before you paint the entire thing.

c)     Prep work

Painting offers nothing short of a major enhancement for your home, even if it’s just one door. To make sure you do it properly, you have to remember to do some prep work before proceeding.

This includes removing the door from the hinges. Most people just paint the door right where it is. This is OK to do in some cases, but if you have a glass or storm door that prevents debris and bugs from entering your home, it is best to remove the door you would paint from its hinges.

Aside from that, you should also attach a tarp in your home’s entryway and remove all existing hardware, like doorknobs and locks, before proceeding. Then, start applying the primer prior to using the actual paint color you chose.

4.   Think About the Siding

Aside from doors, porches, and fences, you’ll also want to update your sidings since they are among the first elements of the house that people see from the curb.

When dealing with this part of the house during a remodel, you must make sure that all broken or worn-down parts are repaired. If it’s mostly okay, you might just need a fresh coat of exterior wall paint to give it a better curb appeal.

Paint Your Home for Better Curb Appeal

Paint is arguably one of the most useful inventions in home improvement and construction that aids homeowners in achieving better curb appeal. Whether you’re planning to sell or just want to make your home stand out in the neighborhood, follow the tips mentioned in this article, and share the knowledge to help others do the same.


Ralph El Eid is the Business Development Manager at COLORTEK – Wall & Floor Fashion. EQUIPAINT is the franchise owner of COLORTEK in Dubai (U.A.E.) and Doha (Qatar); an international paints manufacturer specializing in the widest range of decorative paints and seamless concrete & resin flooring, with a unique showroom concept, and thus an ideal destination for homeowners, consultants, architects, interior designers and paint applicators.



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