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5 Arabic Books That Will Change Your Life

Are you one of those who is a die-hard fan of reading?

Do you like to wrap up your day with a book in your hand, dive in words and ideas?

There are countless books of different genres out there for you to make a pick from. But isn’t there some books which just stands out from the bunch to makes an influence over our lives from the literature of any language and culture such as Arabic.

Well, in case you want to explore some of the Arabic authors and books but are unable to decide which one, here in the content below you will be acquainted with the 5 best Arabic books to read that will definitely leave an impact on your life:

  1. Distant View Of A Minaret & Other Stories by Alifa Rifaat

Published in the year 1983, Distant View of a Minaret and other stories is a must read book especially for the women. The book depicts the challenges Alifa Rifaat faced early in her life as a woman. The book describes in what ways did she faced and overcome several challenges thrown at her.

After reading this you will definitely feel motivated to pursue whatever your life goal is exactly how Rifaat dealt which obstacles in her life. Most of her stories are based on the same concept that how a woman was used to be discriminated and treated in an ill manner.

  1. The Book of Misers by Al-Jahiz

There are various books written in the Arabian which fills the readers with joy. One such book is The Book of Misers. In this book, Al-Jahiz will introduce you to different cultures, tribes, and heritage. It is one of the earliest piece of work in Islamic literature.

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  1. I Saw Ramallah by Mourid Barghouti

In this book, you will read how Barghouti finally returns to his birthplace after spending 30 years in exile only to find out that everything has changed. He returns home after Israel wins the 6 days war against the Arab state of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

Barghouti beautifully pens down how a person can become a stranger to his own memories and describes the way he questions his place in this world that seems entirely new to him. The class piece of work will really touch your soul.

  1. Memory in the Flesh by Ahlam Mosteghanemi

If you like to read about love and relationships, Memory in the Flesh is a perfect blend of love and lesson. The author Ahlam Mosteghanemi writes how Khalid meets a girl away from home and falls in love. The book starts with the end of his relationship with his lover and further describes his unconditional affection.

Mosteghanemi very skillfully places her words and sentences explaining the feeling of love and betrayal. The book is not just about the beauty of love but the consequences that come in terms of pain and loss which is a lifelong lesson.

  1. The Bamboo Stalk by Saud Alsanousi

It is the story of a man whose struggle through the journey of life will truly inspire you in many ways. The Bamboo Stalk will take you to the high ends of life where the character faces a lot of problems earning an identity for him when he returns to his homeland of Kuwait.

In the story, the author Saud Alsanousi reflects the tough living through various metaphors and tackles issues related to class, identity, and religion. Once you read this book your perspective of living will alter forever.


A single book can change the way you see things you just never have to stop reading. In Arabic literature, there are many books that have been a life changer and if you are a reading enthusiast then you must check these out.


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