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Tips for choosing an App for Business

So you run a business and have finally decided to go the way of the app. Well, congrats on the smart decision. Mobile app development is growing by leaps and bounds and this is the best time to cash in on it. However, your journey into the world of mobile apps has just begun and there are plenty more things to be considered.

For starters, what kind of features are you expecting from your app? What kind of content do you plan to include? Before you get started, make sure you plan your mobile app strategy around your primary business objectives.

You’ll need to draw out a road-map of sorts to get you where you want to go.

Here are a few tips to help you out on choosing the right app for your business. Choosing the right app can help you achieve goals such as boost sales, generate more leads, and enhance customer relationships.


Is your business the kind that shares a lot of information with customers or publishes a lot of content? In that case, you’ll need an app that specializes in feeds. Feeds can be tailored to extract content such as multimedia, blogs, or event directly from your business’s social media profile or website. This way, you’ll be able to share all your content with customers even on their mobile phones.


As an e-commerce business, you obviously already have a website with which you run your business. What you need now is something that can help you sell your products to the mobile market. When choosing a mobile commerce app, you need to consider a lot of things.  For example, you will have to assess the various payment methods or CRM setup that each of the apps uses.

To make your job easier, just focus on these 3 golden rules:

  • The app must be easy to use and great to look at. It must allow you to display clear images of products and legible text.
  • The app must allow easy navigation and make the purchase process easier.
  • The app must have a high search-ability quotient. To put it simply, it must allow the user to search for products with the utmost ease.

If the app you’re looking at meets these 3 requirements, you can probably settle for it.

Bookings or lead generation

If your business is into providing a service, then requests for appointments and bookings are your priority. So, look for an app that can streamline this process. Similarly, if you’re looking for something that can generate leads, assess apps that make it easier for customers to get in touch with you. Does the app provide options such as a user friendly contact form, e-mail buttons, or tap to phone?

In-app forms can help you accept requests, manage bookings, and collect information on what kind of preferences your customer has.

Customer loyalty

Is your business the kind that relies on customers coming back again and again? Well, you need an app that boosts customer loyalty. For instance, you require an app that boasts of features such as a Check-in program or stamp. Back in the day, business would give out loyalty cards to repeat customers. These loyalty cards would make repeat customers eligible for certain rewards and concessions.

There are mobile apps that offer similar features for boosting loyalty.  By integrating a loyalty program into your business app, you can identify your most loyal customers and   offer them special benefits, while engaging with newer customers.


Are you a business that constantly promotes and organizes events? Well, you require an app that specializes in feeds as well. However, you will need to do more than just share information. For example, you will need to include features such as maps and directions, along with the usual contact forms and quick access contact details.

Your app must also be easy to link with multiple social media platforms as well.


If you run and association or require members to communicate with each other constantly, you will need a space that permits this to happen with ease. An app that integrates the “wall chat” or “private chat” concept must be looked at.

You can also enhance the experience further by integrating the app with social media platforms like Google+ or Facebook, where members can discuss topics or ideas.


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