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5 Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

As we grow up, our parents are the people who will be by our side through thick and thin. While we would love them to stay forever young, we all have to grow old at some point. If your parent has reached retirement and you believe they require additional support in day-to-day life, assisted living may be the right option.

Making the move to assisted living can be overwhelming for everyone involved. However, there are numerous benefits that can help you and your parent look forward to the next chapter.

Safety and Security

One of the main reasons why you may have considered assisted living for your loved one is because of a decline in their health and well being. If your parent has had a recent fall or is unable to look after themselves independently, assisted living communities are created to minimize injuries with features like hand railings, ramps, and walk-in showers. Knowing your parent is in good hands will reassure you and allow you to live your life without constant stress and worry.

Plenty of Interaction

When your parent reaches retirement, they will have a ton of free time on their hands. To prevent them from becoming a recluse, especially if they’ve noticed a decline in their mobility, assisted living communities provide tons of fun activities. Whether your parent loves art classes, movie nights, or book clubs, there are lots of socially interactive activities to keep them engaged. What’s more, your parent can engage with other residents and build long-lasting friendships. Check out McKnight Place, a Chesterfield assisted living community, where you’ll discover lots of ways in which your loved one can socialize.

Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping physically active and whipping up healthy, nutritious meals can be challenging without the aid of assisted living. While each facility will differ in terms of meals, they all provide all-inclusive dining services that will cater to all special dietary needs. Once your parent moves into assisted living, you can be confident they’re getting healthy meals that will keep their mental and physical well being in check.

Comfortable Setting

If your parent has lived in their home for many years, moving to a new environment can be unsettling. Thankfully, all assisted living facilities ensure residents’ bedrooms are equipped with all the fixtures and amenities they need. To add a sentimental touch, you can hang up photos of loved ones, use their bedding from home and purchase calming scents to help your loved one settle in.

Less Stress

When living independently, your loved one will have had to keep on top of the housework and perform daily errands which can quickly take their toll. Whether it’s cooking meals, heavy cleaning, or shoveling snow, you’ll naturally have concerns about them living alone, especially if they’re showing signs of dementia. With an assisted living facility, they no longer have to worry about such things, which can reduce stress levels.

Broaching the subject of assisted living to your parent can be difficult initially. However, once you relay all the benefits above, this should help ease the transition and help them get the most out of their new environment.

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