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How the COVID Pandemic Affected the Lives of Sports People

The COVID pandemic is an unfortunate reality that has affected literally every individual across the world. Everybody needed to change their routines and basically completely redesign their lives taking into account the health restrictions and the risk of contracting the disease. Many individuals have found new forms of entertainment. In fact, a lot of people created an account of their own in the online casino Parimatch. All these new punters came from India and the rest of the world too.

Every person needed to find new activities to entertain themselves during this time, as now it is much more difficult to have social encounters with our friends and acquaintances. While some people who mostly used to stay at home before the pandemic claim that they weren’t affected pretty much by this new routine, there were others who were severely affected by it. This is especially the case for sports people. Many things happened during the COVID pandemic that affected the world of sports and all of those who take part in it. They include things like:

  • closure of gyms and training centers;
  • the inability to travel to competitions in other places due to travel restrictions;
  • difficulties in training and performing team sports due to the social distancing measures;
  • severe economic difficulties for sports people and teams;
  • and even the cancellation or postponement of several high profile sporting events! 

All these consequences are only a few of the things that sports people needed to adapt to. However, many athletes have tried to give a more positive light to this difficult situation and try new activities. Different things have been attempted by them to cope with all this unfortunate situation, with some of them being quite interesting, which will be reviewed in more detail later.

How the golden youth of India is coping with the COVID restrictions

Right now India is excited due to the new generation of athletes that are breaking into top leagues and competitions in different disciplines. These youngsters have a bright future ahead. However, some of them are seeing their careers affected due to the COVID pandemic, as it is the case with most athletes all across the world.

Many of them have been forced to stay at home or to participate and train in a limited way in their own disciplines. This new context has forced them to come up with different activities that not only cheer them up and keep them entertained, but also to be ready to quickly go back to top-level sports once things begin to normalize.

There are many names that are part of this golden youth. Some of them include Shafali Verma in cricket, Moirangthem Thoiba Singh and Huidrom Thoi Singh in Football, Saurabh Chaudhary in shooting, Anshu Malik in wrestling and many others. Most of them have continued to train and practice in a limited manner considering the restrictions that are currently in place. However, others have tried different things, such as becoming singers, influencers, online gamers, and even some of them started to teach others about what they do through online means, among other activities.

With all of this, it is easy to see that despite having a bright future ahead, at the end of the day, they are completely normal people like all of us.

Hopefully these brilliant and talented men and women will be able to fully display their talents once we start to leave the COVID pandemic behind. They deserve to have the same opportunities and chances that their colleagues from other generations had at their moment.


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