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5 Common Pitfalls of Businesses

In this post, we will discuss 5 common pitfalls many businesses overlook.  If you follow the suggestions outlined in this post, you will sure to find continued success in your business endeavors.

In today’s day and age, with coronavirus running ramped and other worldwide issues, your business may be at risk for closing.  There are certain things you really cannot change, such as the product you provide, the experience of your workers and staff, and the things going on around you.  However, you can better prepare for success by following some simple tips as outlined below.

The world of business is highly competitive.  It’s not possible to win in the long-run with a mediocre business.  For one, your consumers are everywhere.  If you provide a negative experience to them, the whole world is sure to find out.

In addition, with digital marketing, you really need to be ahead of the game and invest in your business.  If you’re not willing to spend a little money, unfortunately your business will not make any for you.

Below, we will go over 5 common mistakes most business owners make.

Common Mistakes Your Business Needs To Avoid

MISTAKE 1: Wearing Too Many Hats

In the beginning, it’s normal to take on a lot of work.  Most business owners that are productive and make money report to work 16 hours a day easy!  However, taking on boat-loads of responsibility as a long-term strategy is a terrible way to run a business.  This is true for many different reasons outlined below:

  • One person can’t be an expert in everything
  • Taking on too much will lead to a mediocre service
  • Burnout is common when you wear too many hats
  • Inability to scale and grow productively
  • You’ll never learn how to streamline and scale business processes

Wearing too many hats is terrible for many reasons.  For example, if you are a auto shop and you choose to run your business and also manage advertising and marketing on your own, your business will suffer.  Not only will you take focus away from your specialties, you’ll also never really experience the true benefits of digital marketing.

Making the decision to allocate services to people who specialize in them is a winning strategy that will save you money in the long run.  Avoid taking on too much and focus on specializing and you’ll be sure to win!

MISTAKE 2: Not Focusing On Digital Marketing

Choosing to not focus your attention on digital marketing at all is a huge mistake.  Your business needs to be online now more than ever!  As future generations rely more and more heavily on online experience rather than in-person transactions, failing to have a digital marketing plan will cause your business to fail as a given.

Here are some of the questions you should contemplate regarding digital marketing:

  • Do I have a website?
  • Do I sell products or services from my website?
  • Could social media marketing be helpful?
  • Have I considered Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing?
  • How much do I need regarding digital marketing?

MISTAKE 3: Disregarding Web Design

Disregarding your website is a huge mistake many business owners make.  Where finding a store and visiting in person used to be a huge thing, in today’s day and age most businesses are discovered online.  Bizmap LLC of NJ recommends putting extra effort in your search for finding the right web design agency.

If you disregard your website, you are sure to get lost among other businesses in your niche that do have a website.  Here are the benefits of having a website:

  • Quick access to important information about your business 24/7
  • Offers a way for customers to interact with your business
  • Showcases products and services
  • Is the face of your brand that provides 24/7 ongoing marketing for your company
  • Inspires people to take an action and reach out to your business

MISTAKE 4: Not Investing In Your Business

There’s that saying that in order to make money you need to spend money.  Well, as far as business is concerned this is certainly true.  You can’t run a business without being willing to invest a little.  Every company is different, so knowing where to spend is very important.

Here are some common good business investments to consider:

  • Furthering your education and expertise with ongoing training
  • Technology that will help your business
  • Your corporate website
  • Digital marketing
  • Employees and staff

MISTAKE 5: Avoiding Social Media

You would be surprised to know how many smart business owners avoid social media.  It’s sad but it’s true and they don’t realize how much opportunity they are missing out on!

In order to generate new business, your online presence needs to be established.  Leveraging social media to make money and generate new customer is a smart decision for your brand.

Here are some of the social media channels you can consider:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Knowing which social media outlet is the right choice for your business is not always easy.  That’s why it is best to hire a social media marketing professional.  However, using it ineffectively is better than not using it at all.  So here are a few pointers for your social media accounts:

  • See what other professionals in your industry use and use the same social media channels as them
  • Add links to your website in your social media profiles
  • Fill out social media profiles with your business description, name, address, hours and phone number
  • Embed links to social media in your website
  • Add photos, your logo and other media to your social media profiles
  • Avoid negative engagement and keep it professional


It’s difficult in the beginning to make things work.  Your business will take time and there’s a learning curve.  That is to be expected.

However, failing to address these common pitfalls can lead your business in bankruptcy.  And we really don’t want to see that happen to you!

If you consider these simple suggestions, we’re sure you’ll have a winning business.  And we look forward to hearing all about it and to using your product or service too!

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