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How Is Storage Space Priced In Sydney & Ways Storage Can Be Useful

Self-storage units are a boon which helps you to store excess clutter of your home or office and thus free up the essential space. This will make your home or office roomier.There are many advantages to renting a self-storage unit in Sydney. We’ll indicate prices that reputed self-storage facilities would charge you and list out way sin which a self-storage space will be useful to you. So let’s unearth the details.

What Should You Pay For Storage Space in Sydney?

If you have never used a self-storage facility before and that you’re entirely new to this concept of self-storage and would like to use it for any of the reasons mentioned above, then, definitely, you must have been thinking about the costs involved. We’ll give you an idea about the current prevailing charges across Sydney which can serve as a reference point for you.

Suggestive charges ranging from small to large storage units that are charged by reputed self-storage facilities across Sydney based on the average charges of three personal storage facilities are listed hereunder:

  • Small and compact self-storage units can be hired between $188 and $317 per month.
  • Medium self-storage units can be hired between $408 and $683 per month.
  • Larger self-storage units are available between $687 and $1217 on a monthly basis.

We will now list what Hills Self-Storage in Sydney charges for personal storage space across its four different locations viz. Galston, Castle Hill, Kings Park & Rouse Hill on a monthly basis:

Storage Capacity Galston Castle Hill Kings Park Rouse Hill
Small unit $80 – $109 per month $110 – $130 per month $95- $135per month $116 – $140per month
Medium unit $170 – $250per month $180 – $245per month $240 – $360per month $190 – $305per month
Large unit $410 per month $450per month $480 per month $390 per month

Undeniably, you can see the difference in costs between Hills Self Storage and others, and how Hills Self Storage offers more affordable solutions across its facilities for small to large self-storage units. Not only would you avail of all the facilities that other reputed self-storage facilities provide but also you would get more value-added services that others don’t offer in this price range.

Ways Storage Space Can Be Useful To You

Frees Up Essential Home Space

Irrespective of how big or small your home may be; over the period, you tend to accumulate things and there would be items that you’re not using or just have a seasonal use. What you can do is identify such items and pack them in the sturdy cardboard boxes so that they can be securely stored at a self-storage unit near you. Boom, you now have more space in your sweet home!

Excellent for Business

If you run a business and require additional space to keep the inventory, or more space to store archived documents and files, or to store surplus furniture – for all these and more, a self-storagefacility provides the perfect solution.

Reliable&Secure Self-Storage Units

You get secure storage space from reputed self-storage facilities across Sydney. At Hills Self Storage, you can secure your storage unit with your own padlock and keep the keys with you,PIN security gate access is in place, you get 7 days/week access, 24-hour camera surveillance is in place along with fully alarmed and monitored buildings, as well as, ongoing pestcontrol is regularly carried out. Therefore, you don’t have to take any sort of worries because your belongings will remain safe in a secure self-storage unit.

The Finest & Affordable Self Storage near You

Do you want to know the finest and affordable self-storage near you? Well, numerous reputed self-storage facilities including Hills Self Storage are accessible in Sydney.Hills Self Storage offers storage solutions such as:

  • Personal Storage (small to large storage units available)
  • Business Storage (small to large storage units available)
  • Vehicle Storage (for car, boat and caravan available)
  • Wine Storage (with climate controlled cellars available) and
  • Shipping Container

Indeed, it is possible to store anything you desire but you need to respect the laws, which don’t allow storing particular types of goods which may include perishable foodproducts, arms and ammunition, liquids etc. You can check the same with the concerned self-storage facility where you intend to store prior to using their self-storage units.

About Self Storage Industry in Brief

In the 1990s, the self-storage industry began to flourish; as of today, there are numerous small and big operators out there in Australia. Storage units St George and other
places have to offer The value of the self-storage industry is more than $1 billion in Australia, which is anticipated to grow steadily. The industry continually grows because more and more people are moving to the city and residing in apartments. As storage space to store belongings is limited, people prefer keeping them in self-storage units near to their homes.On average,people spend between $150 and $300 on a monthly basis to store their belongings. This is a thriving business and you need to concentrate on reliability factor – the company can be trusted more when it has more happy customers.

The Bottom Line

Well, hiring self-storage units can make your home, business or store clutter-free,streamlined and more ordered. Moreover,a structured and ordered environment enhances efficiency.Even the smallest of things matter, so don’t overlook them.Indeed, renting a storage unit of a reliable self-storage facility is valuable.

With Hills Self Storage, you can not only rent your space for the short and long term but also you can easily upsize and downsize storage space as you go, so you only have to pay for the space you have actually rented for any particular period.


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