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5 Creative Ways to Style Scandinavian Furniture

Have you ever heard of Scandinavian furniture? It is a distinct construction of chairs, tables, and fixtures that originated in the 20th century. The said type of furniture is best known for how it seamlessly combines functionality with a minimalist aesthetic.

Scandinavian furniture in Australia is currently all the rage and is quite popular among interior design enthusiasts. The trademark of Australian interior design and architecture is described as dynamic and out-of-the-box. On average, an interior designer in Australia can earn as much as over $75,000 depending on the number of experience and skills that you have.

Australia (also called Oz) is home to over thirty-two times of land area compared to that of the U.K. The population is also not as dense as the number of people living in other countries, and it is also well-known for the independence and creativity of its people. Not to mention, several people from all walks of life have made their mark in the sports capital continent-nation of the world, thereby providing an additional source of inspiration to Australians for all things design.

As you may have guessed, Scandinavian design is specifically one of the most widely adapted foreign aesthetics in Australia. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate the beauty of Scandinavian style in your home:

  1. Go neutral.

Neutral tones are the most prominent in a Scandinavian infused home interior. Choose carpets, sheets, and furniture with grey, white, and black colours. You can also play with different shades of two contrasting colours to add a more eye-catching element to your house. Here’s a pro-tip: Find furniture such as tables or chairs with a unique form in black tones to add more character to a simplistic interior.

  1. Keep windows and floors simple and sleek.

Skip the striped carpet or colourful marble flooring if you want to go Scandinavian. Unsophisticated is the way to go. A typical setup for this type of interior aesthetic would prefer light wood floors in cream or white. These shades reflect light better and expand the breadth of small home interiors. Windows should be kept simple as well to help it catch more illumination.

  1. A little bit of colour doesn’t hurt.

While the Scandinavian aesthetic is primarily neutral colours, you can add a pop of red, yellow, blue, or orange. It should always blend well with the overall appearance of the room. Otherwise, it will seem randomly included and out-of-place.

  1. Think convenient and rustic combinations

From velvet textures and flannel sheets to mid-century style bed frames and golden-tinged metal wall lamps, you can mix and match comfortable and cozy designs with vintage structures to help create an authentic Nordic appearance in every nook and cranny of your home.

  1. Tone down on the decorations

While there are several eye-catching Acandinavian furniture in Australia to choose from, you must not forget to make the overall design cohesive. Don’t pick every single décor or chair that catches your attention. Think about the placement of each furniture and see how well it will fit in the arrangement you have started with. In this manner, you will limit the amount of clutter in your space.

The industry of interior design may not be among the faster-booming sectors in Australia for the year 2020. Yet, it remains to be among the 28 highest paid areas under Design and Architecture.

On average, an interior designer in Australia can earn as much as over $75,000 depending on the experience and skills that they have.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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