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5 Types of Heavy Equipment Available from All Tracks Plant Hire

Have you ever wondered how a building or a structure comes to life? If you have been to the area when it was made out of scratch, you would have seen a lot of machinery and equipment. It probably came from an All Tracks Plant Hire since they needed a team of field technicians, plant operators and managers, and additional support to bring the machines to life.

Earthmoving equipment is a solution to many construction sites, such as pipelines, mining, infrastructure, railways, tunnelling, and demolitions, among others. They also follow strict safety regulations regardless of the site. An All Tracks Plant Hire ensures that they deliver results and projects get done in time. A plant usually has several machines available, some of which are listed below.


As its name suggests, an excavator’s main purpose is to excavate and dig heavy amounts of soil. You may know this as a big machine that a long, clawed bucket arm scoops up whatever was needed to be removed from the site. The arm and cabin rotate for three hundred sixty degrees, which makes for easier operation. It can be wheeled or tracked, depending on the terrain.

There are several types, such as crawlers, skid steer, draglines, suction, and long reach excavators. Each one has a different use depending on size and soil type. But you would need a long-bed truck to transport the truck since it cannot be driven to the site.


The backhoe is also a piece of digging equipment and a smaller version of the excavator. This machine is used for smaller projects such as snow removal, road paving, foundation work, phone cables, medium-sized construction projects, loading jobs, and farming tasks. It has a bucket arm with a limited pivot at two hundred degrees.


If you have seen those massive machines with a sharp-edged front shovel and tracks for wheels, you have come face-to-face with a bulldozer. These are often used in large construction locations and normally found in road-building, site preparation, and demolitions. Bulldozers skim away topsoil and debris as required by the project. They can also smooth down the topcoat of materials such as asphalt, and is an integral part of road and foundation building projects.

Tower cranes

Hoisting construction materials for tall structures become easy to do with the use of tower cranes. These are far-reaching at around two hundred thirty feet and may rise to about two hundred sixty-five feet above the ground. Operators use this to lift concrete, large tools and equipment (generators, acetylene torches, etc.), steel, and other building supplies. Its lifting power reaches a maximum of about eighteen metric tons (or almost twenty tons.) The motor and gear on top allow crane rotation. And no matter how dangerous it looks, it will not fall over due to a prepared concrete pad of around four hundred thousand pounds before the actual crane is installed. The installation requires deeply embedded large anchor bolts to help support the base.

Dump trucks

What happens to the loose material from the backhoe or excavator? They are transported to a different area. Dump trucks are the vehicles for the job. These are used for projects such as civil and mining operations, rail jobs, and tunnel construction.

There are a lot of tasks onsite. Choosing the right equipment for the job is the key to the faster accomplishment of a project.

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