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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Skateboards

Surfers on the look-out for a thrilling adventure turn to skateboard when not on the waves. This sport requires precision to consistently coordinate between your eyes, arms, legs, and feet. Skateboarding keeps your body flexible and your calories in check as you are constantly on the move.

While sourcing skateboards, avoid falling prey to the following temptations:

  • Opting for impressive, cheap boards that are low on performance
  • Getting lured by attractive graphics and expecting them to remain intact even after frequent usage
  • Investing in a retro-looking deck that restricts progression
  • Neglecting to grip your board before taking your wheels for a spin
  • Borrowing a board instead of owning one limits its accessibility

The safety aspect is important to pay close attention to when you get on your skateboard. Ensure your shoes are comfortable and have a flat bottom. Never step on your board without a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. In the absence of the necessary safety gear, you may pay a heavy price for having fun on wheels.

With dedicated practice and the ideal board, you can set your sights on becoming a pro skateboarder. It is advisable to consider the listed five factors while purchasing your skateboard:

Your Level of Expertise

If you are new to skateboarding, a board designed for performing stunts will not suit you. At this initial stage of learning the sport, choosing a board with a wider deck makes sense. These provide ample foot space as you distribute your weight across them.

Certain skateboards are technically crafted to facilitate flips and other tricks while street and park skating. When you reach an intermediate or advanced skateboarding level, you can opt for a hi-tech model that guarantees an adrenaline rush.

The Practicality of the Deck

Skateboard decks made using maple wood are highly durable while providing the requisite support your ride demands. Whether the deck has been warm or cold glued is another differentiating quality factor. Although warm gluing is a faster process, the cold option gives you a stronger and superior result.

Quality of the Wheels

The size and hardness of your skateboard wheels are the two primary considerations to bear in mind. Big wheels provide speed while their smaller counterparts work well for casual cruising. Hard wheels are more durable and roll faster, while if comfort is your priority, you may want to choose wheels with less hardness.

Evaluate Truck Features

Generally, skateboard trucks are made using a sturdy metal called aluminum. The heavier trucks provide greater durability and stability, while the lighter versions enable you to perform your board tricks.

Assess Efficiency of the Bearings

The material and precision of your skate’s bearings determine their quality and efficiency. High-quality bearings are made from durable steel and fall into either the open or sealed categories. Open bearings spin fast and clean well, while resistant seal bearings require minimal maintenance.

Browse through the wide range of boards that specialized online retailers offer. Here you have access to top brands of skateboards, their corresponding accessories, and suitable apparel. Equip yourself with quality gear so you can enjoy many fun rides.


Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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