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2020’s been a tough year for all of us. The whole world came to a halt; all our works, plans, and goals had to be put aside to protect ourselves from the widespread pandemic, and the lockdown imposed. Lockdown means we are made to stay indoors for most of the day. This whole situation will take a toll on our health.

But, nothing should intervene with our health and fitness. Not even Covid-19. A recent Australian report says that fitness activities among the people of the continent have seen immense growth from 12.6% to 17.4% in the past couple of years. This lockdown would have resulted in an apparent drop in these numbers.

Does this drop mean that people stopped caring about their fitness? No. This is where the trend of fitness from home began. From joining online yoga classes to switching unhealthy junk foods with healthy protein powder shakes and salads, Australians are doing everything it takes to stay fit and healthy. Health from home became necessary to keep our mind and body fit. The words fitness and home may seem distant from each other, but we have to pull them together to keep our spirits up.


WALK: Seems simple? Well, a little activity is always better than having no activity. We can always take a walk around our house. With the ongoing condition, it is safer to be indoors. Make stairs your friends and keep elevators and lifts at bay. For people living in apartments, climbing staircases instead of elevators will prove to be a beneficial and time-saving exercise.

BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES: Planks, push-ups, sit-ups. These exercises need neither equipment nor much space. All they need is our will power. We can always start slow by trying to hold a 30-second plank or do 30 sit-ups or push-ups. You should then slowly add 10 each day, see how long we can go, and see those cores get toned up.

PROTEINS AND PROPER DIET: Being in self-isolation, all we do most of the time is lie down, eat, and repeat. One of the major threats that this unhealthy routine brings us is obesity and then slowly follows other chronic pains and conditions. We are also talking about weak bones and muscles here.

This is why Australia has got some of the best proteins, vitamins, and other dietary supplements to help us get on a new healthier diet. Let it be in the form of protein powder, tablets, or even natural pulses. Our body needs protein. The more adequate the protein intake, the more effective is our heart functions are and the healthier our body becomes.

DANCE: There are people for whom stairs and planks are an absolute NO! They can always try dancing. In fact, everybody can try dancing inside our four walls like there’s no tomorrow. It not only burns up those calories but also acts as a form of healing. Especially in Victoria and Melbourne, where it is a risk to roam out in the streets, people’s stress level is seen to have skyrocketed. Dancing can give that liberation one needs.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.
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