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5 Indian Styling Clothes to Help You Look Expensive

Everyone loves to look classy and elegant. For that you need not have to spend more. You don’t have to spend on big brands to look expensive. You should do only a few tricks to make your regular outfits look expensive instant. Let’s see here few tips to look expensive in simple outfits.

  • Get everything tailored:

Even a regular dress from Forever 21 can look like the one brought from Gucci if that fits you properly. Ill-fitting clothing pieces look shabby and very unpleasant to the eyes. But pieces that fits you perfect in all place. Even if you cannot find a perfectly fitting garment make sure to get them tailored before.

  • Replace the buttons:

Ditch those basic plastic buttons in favor of something a little richer looking, like metal, bone or mother of pearl. You can get these from online sites like eBay or Etsy. You can even take from the old clothes which you don’t wear anymore.

  • Keep your look simple:

Wearing too many pieces at one time can do no good in making you look classy. The key is to keep your simple and minimalistic. Opt for a clean jeans and a decent looking blouse instead of an overly distressed jeans and a too much revealing top. Avoid pieces like jeweled embellishments or pleated tops or distressed and whiskered denims.

  • Launder properly:

Apart from buying clothes, it’s important that you keep and maintain clothes properly. Read the instructions carefully given on the tags of the clothes. Fading, wrinkling and shrinking are all signs of cheap clothes. If you avoid all these, you can easily fool someone to think that your clothes are pretty expensive.

  • Buy a steamer:

Wrinkles can make anything look cheap. However, ironing helps in maintaining the original look of the clothes. Resist the urge to hang your clothes in the bathroom while you take an extra-long shower. The ambient steam in a bathroom is not enough to get out tough wrinkles and it is a huge waste of water.

  • Avoid Trends:

Trends are not permanent. It keeps changing. Hence, it’s better to avoid them. Instead look for more classy pieces to add into your wardrobe. Focus on purchasing pieces that’ll never go out of style. A denim jacket, basic tops, jeans, black pants, mid-length trench, v neck sweater are just some of the examples of classic pieces to add in your wardrobe.

  • Mix with Accessories:

Accessorizing your outfits is one of the best ways to make your clothes look expensive and make you look classy. It can be as simple as a leather bag or a sunglass. They are also ideal for testing a trend without spending a large amount of money on something that might go out of style soon.

  • Create a smooth silhouette under your clothes:

For womens clothing to look good they should wear a proper fitting inner wears. Always cheap clothes are flimsy and ill-fitting. When you go for a proper fitting inner wears, you will look great even in a non-branded outfits.

  • Add a fresh fragrance:

 Mens clothingis not complete without a luxe fragrance to match. Find a scent you love and apply it to your skin. You should normally apply perfume to the points on the lower half of your body in addition to your wrists, elbows and the nape of the neck. To avoid mixing too many fragrances, treat your skin with an unscented moisturizer or almond oil before applying perfume.

  • Avoid earthy colors:

Mossy earth tones can look drab and dated. For a more luxurious look fill your closet with vibrant jewel tones and pastels. As for patterns and prints, leopard spots are a classic. Most others will give you an outdated look.

If you follow all the above tips, you will look great and expensive even in a normal outfit. Try it out and see!

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