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Why Mobile App Developers Should Shift To React Native App Development

The spectrum of mobile app development is not confined to a specific technology instead you have countless options to choose from. If you are making an iOS app then Swift is a prime choice or if it is Android then Kotlin language is widely used. What if an alternative exists that lets you develop cross-platform mobile apps at once? One such framework has made this concept possible.

This framework has been derived from the JavaScript library and is based on the functionality of code reusability for apps belonging to different operating systems. React Native is the name of this technology and it has opened the possibilities of developing various types of native apps.

Relying on React Native for App Development

The features and functionalities React Native is not so detailed and extensive so you do not have to worry about spending time in honing your expertise on this framework. You have a few options available while developing native apps such as you could merge React Native code or UI components into a native app code. Another alternative is that you could entirely develop your app using React Native, without having to use any other programming technique or framework that is solely native-based.

Each technique that we have mentioned comes with its own advantages and cons but if you keep measuring the weight of its pros and cons then you will never be able to extract the importance of React Native apps.

Easy to master but costly

Since the React Native framework is new to the field of app development it is certain it will be costly at first. This cost is not related to its development instead the process of integrating and merging a native app into the React Native framework is what is costly. You might take a lot of time in developing apps using the framework and it would be arduous for you at first but then you will soon get a hang of it.

Since Facebook itself has compiled, designed and developed this framework, you do not have to worry about getting help and assistance regarding native apps. The Facebook community is extensive already and you will always get a helping hand from React developers or any top notch react native app development companywhenever you want.

Rapid performance

A native app certainly does have great performance but it falls short in a few aspects. If both the React Native framework and Swift programming language are compared then you will notice that relying on React alone proved more beneficial. Why is that so? That is so because both of these technologies have the same qualities but React Native is a bit faster as compared to Swift. The same code made using React for an iOS app could be used for Android apps as well so that add more bonuses to its application.

Stress-free app maintenance 

At times when you are developing an app, you tend to overlook some trivial yet important details. One such detail is related to app backup. You always need to have a backup when developing an app. If you have decided to shift from one technology or language from another then you surely would not like losing all your data. This could be about making a new app, adding features or updating an existing app. The need to backup essential code and data is highly crucial. This has already been taken care of in the React Native framework. You can easily adjust, maintain and locate your code and use it whenever you want to for cross-platform mobile apps.

What app developers overlook about react native

You might know several other pros and benefits of React Native but developers who are new to this technology overlook some factors. React Native has its own benefits and there is no denying in the benefits it has provided to developers and the entire app industry. However, since it is relatively new, many developers do not know how to make the most out of app built using this framework. It is not set in stone that this React framework will generate great results for everyone. Some succeed with its use while some face shortcomings. It entirely depends upon how you have perceived and utilized the use of React Native.

Wrapping Up

It is true that you cannot stick to a specific technology forever. The mobile industry is the only domain that has been changing rapidly therefore, every developer and designer has to be aware of these changes and updates. No decision is a wrong decision. You might opt for React Native app and it might not suit the app you are making but that does not mean you have failed. The notion of learning never ends in the mobile app development field so you have to acquire a firm ground to learn and hone app development skills using the latest and emerging technologies.

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