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6 Popular Degree Courses for Aspiring Business Professionals

There are various business degree options that are designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the principles, theories and strategies necessary to a successful career in your chosen field. If you want to pursue a corporate career for the future, choosing the right business degree for your career goals will help you find the most relevant and rewarding positions and offer a solid return on investment when it comes to your education. There are several different business career options to choose from and various degree courses designed to help you get there. Firstly, understanding your career goals and what you’d like to do in the future is important to ensure that you select the right training for you. Let’s take a look at some of the different business degree options and what you can do with them.

Business Administration

If you already have a business undergraduate degree or a lot of experience in your field, a master’s of business administration is a highly respected, sought-after qualification that attracts professionals from all industries. This well-rounded degree is designed to help you master the pillars of business; the fundamentals of running or managing a company and understanding the bigger picture of the operation. You will go in-depth when it comes to learning about various business departments and functions, how they work on their own and how they all work together to make a successful company. Choose this degree if you want to improve your business decision-making skills, become a better leader, seriously improve your professional network, and improve your chance of success when applying for corporate career openings in almost any industry around the world.


Do you have great leadership qualities and want the qualification to back it up? A master’s degree in business management from Aston University could be an ideal choice for you. A business management master’s degree will dive further into all aspects of leading a successful team and even provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to run your own successful company. You will learn more about how management teams operate and it is the ideal choice of degree for supervisors or anybody who wants to move up the ranks into a leadership position in their current career.


If numbers are your area of expertise and you want to take charge of the financial aspect of a business, consider getting a degree in accounting and finance. This course will enable you to learn how to analyse financial statements, prepare key financial documents for the company, manage tax expectations and manage anything to do with money across all areas of the company. This degree course leads to a wide range of career opportunities, with graduates often going on to work for accounting firms, work as an in-house accountant for companies, financial management and advice, or even starting their own firm. Accountants and finance experts are needed by businesses of all sizes and in all industries – this is an area where you’ll gain skills that won’t easily go out of demand.


Getting a degree in marketing is the ideal choice for people who like the creative aspect of business and want to come up with innovative ideas to market brands, products and services to connect with customers. Today’s marketing is very data-driven, and to excel in this field you may want to consider choosing a marketing degree that has a strong focus on business intelligence and other data-centred practices that modern companies use to gather information on their target audience and competition to come up with the most effective marketing methods. While studying for a marketing degree, you’ll have the chance to learn more about advertising and marketing trends over time, come up with creative advertising and marketing campaigns, learn about the different methods and platforms used for marketing, and come up with new ways to improve engagement with the target audience and boost brand loyalty.

Human Resources

Most businesses need to work with people in order to succeed, and as a result, the human resources department is a very important one. Human resources professionals are tasked with hiring the right candidates for particular jobs, ensuring that new hires are onboarded and provided with training, and dealing with ongoing issues like disciplinaries, employee grievances, and more to ensure that the workplace is one where everybody is treated fairly and looked after. Human resources professionals are also often in charge of providing perks and benefits to employees, requiring them to have a keen understanding of what’s expected in workplaces today to improve employee loyalty and performance. With a degree in human resources, you will be in high demand in almost every industry around the world and for any business that employs other people.


Would you rather become your own boss and enjoy that freedom compared to working for an employer? Business owners are on the rise with thousands of new businesses being created each year. However, since there are no educational entry requirements for starting a business and no previous experience required either, often, new entrepreneurs find themselves held back due to a lack of knowledge and skill. If you want to start your own business in the future, getting a degree in this subject can help you improve your chance of business success.

Many entrepreneurship degrees cover all the basic aspects of starting and running your own company with the option to focus more heavily on a certain area of business that you are more interested in such as management, finance, marketing and more. You’ll learn how to make better business decisions and how to truly understand your industry and market. The best part is that unlike graduate jobs, there is no need to wait until you’ve got the qualification to start working. Many students start their businesses while still studying and apply what they learn as they go.

When it comes to the business industry, there are tons of different career options to consider and sectors to get into. These are just some popular business degree options that could help you reach your future career goals.

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