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7 benefits of owning a Luxury apartment in Bangalore

The demand for luxury apartments has proliferated in recent years and for a good reason. Luxury apartments are not only more affordable than luxury villas, but they also offer an array of benefits over the typical villa properties.

In this article, We are going to narrow our focus on the benefits of owning a luxury apartment specifically in Bangalore.

Reason for that:

Known as the IT hub and the Garden city of India, Bangalore is a perfect place for anyone seeking a luxurious lifestyle and an opportunity to make a real estate investment in India. This has led the demand for luxury apartments in Bangalore to go at an all-time high.

Now, let us take a look at the benefits you will fetch if you opt for a luxury apartment over other projects.

Modern Lifestyle

  • Modern Lifestyle and Facilities

It sounds persuading to live in a luxury villa that is built away from the city and offers complete solitude. However, this idea of living-alone quickly turns into hell when basic necessities are denied.

Being an IT hub, Bangalore has plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment centers. It is a must to have places like shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment centers in close proximity to your home. Staying in top localities allows you to access these facilities in minutes. If you like the sound of this, luxury apartments in Whitefield Bangalore are something you should consider exploring.

Also, most luxury apartments have beautiful parks and swimming pools within the buildings, which saves you even both time and money.

  • Fitness Centers and Spas

If you are investing in a luxury apartment, it is more than likely that you take care of your health. Our health is something that is worth more than any amenity and luxury. And, when you live in a luxury apartment, you have no need to worry about finding a gym or fitness center.

luxury apartment

Luxury apartments have built-in gyms with all accessories you are likely to need. Moreover, luxury apartments offer exclusive memberships like Yoga and Zumba classes. This feature of luxury apartments alone can help you save thousands of Rupees every month.

  • Mesmerizing Views

 If you are like most people, you will love the view you can get from living on the 10th floor. This is very easy to get a luxury apartment on the 10th floor or higher.


Balconies of luxury apartments are constructed to offer its residents an extraordinary view of their surroundings. It is a norm for luxury apartments to have big windows and spacious balconies that allow residents to enjoy the fresh air accompanied by an amazing view.

Additionally, great views from height are an amenity that is tough to find from luxury villas & mansions whereas they are readily available from luxury apartments.

  • Great Interiors

 Sure, great outdoor views are amazing. However, you are likely to spend a great deal of your time inside your apartments. For that reason, luxury apartments are built with breathtaking interiors that deliver a pleasant vibe whenever you or your guests walk into the apartment.

Great Interiors

Inside of a luxury apartment, you can expect to have beautiful modern ceilings, walls with textures and prints, stylish fans, and lighting. where you can replace this line with the following. ” Inside of a luxury apartment, you can expect to have beautiful modern ceilings, walls with textures and prints, Marble flooring, stylish fans, and lighting.

  • Modern Appliances

 Often, normal apartments offer low-quality appliances that degrade your living experience. But, this is not the case with luxury apartments. Luxury apartments have all modern appliances and accessories that enhance your user experience.

Modern Appliances

The appliances you will find in a luxury apartment are likely to be superior quality or 5-star rated. They do not only offer a superior service but also saves energy and are less harmful to the environment.

The kitchens and bathrooms of luxury apartments are not only spacious but stylish and relative. You can expect modern countertops, sinks, walk-in showers, and much more.

  • Safety

Our safety is something that can not be compromised by any means. And, luxury apartments take special care of the security of its residents.


Most luxury apartments have gated entries, which means any unauthorized person is not allowed to enter the facility. Security is vital for preventing any vehicle theft or a detrimental incident. Besides, security is something that can not be taken lightly. Further, when you are living with kids, safety becomes even more crucial.

Additionally, luxury apartments have secure power backups to keep your lives running in case of power cuts

  • Great Community

 When you live in a luxury apartment, your neighbors are likely to be people similar to you. This allows you to form better relationships and feel safe.

Moreover, your neighbors matter more when you live in India. As we know, we have a tradition of celebrating festivals together.

When you live in luxury apartments you will find that you can join and interact with your neighbors via groups like ladies group, kids group, etc.

Why luxury apartments over other projects?

It’s not wrong to say that luxury apartments are a need for an hour. Some people are buying luxury apartments in Bangalore to settle with their families whereas others are purchasing them only to make a real estate investment in India.

Why invest in luxury apartments and not in the luxury villas and mansions?

Firstly, luxury apartments are a better place to settle when compared to luxury villas as they are more affordable and offer either similar or better amenities. Amenities like the view from high floors personal parks, malls, transportation services in close proximity, and safety are typically missing in luxury villas.

Secondly, projects like luxury apartments in top localities such as Whitefield,  Sarjapur road, Hebbal are easier to resale as their demand is just on the rise. For that reason, some investors purchase these apartments solely to resell them at a higher price in the future.

 Author’s Biography

 Amogh Mundhekar is the co-founder of GlobalHome – US based digital platform for buying & investing in pre-vetted apartments and luxury villas in India.



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