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7 Fun & Easy Bachelorette Party Games

Bachelorette games have the power to bring everyone together or leave them lonelier than they came. This is because a bridal shower is a place for old and new friends to meet. The bride and every other person will catch up and have the fun of their lives.

But how does one pull off a fun bachelorette party, because sometimes, you don’t even know where to start. Well, we’ve helped solve that problem by making a list of fun bachelorette party games. They include the lingerie shower games, party drinking ideas, and other fun bachelorette party games below.

  1. The prosecco pong game

This is one of the decent party drinking ideas. The idea is to keep it controlled. Split the group of guests into two groups and set up drinks on opposite sides of the table. Have each group take turns to throw pong balls into the opponent’s drinks. The group that throws in the most balls wins, while the group that loses drinks all the beer.

  1. Drink if game

Here is a game for the bride to enjoy. It’s one of the most interesting, interactive and revealing indoor wedding games. People who know the bride well will contribute questions to form a long list. This includes her best friends, sisters, bridesmaids and all. In the list will be things she’s done, likes, her adventures, crazy sides and lots more. Now, they’ll begin to ask her these questions, and if they are correct, she’ll drink.

For this game, she’ll need a tumbler, and if it’s customized for the bride, even better. To make this game memorable, subscribe to a gift box for the bride. In it, she’ll find her custom tumbler for the bridal shower game. We hope the bride doesn’t get drunk before this game ends.

  1. Ring hunt game

Looking at games for bachelorette parties that are inclusive and interactive? Try the ring hunt game. It brings out the detective in everyone and fosters healthy competition. The host of the bridal shower will ask everyone to move into another zone for a quick drink. While at it, the host will hide rings all over the party venue.

Get everyone back in, and unleash them on the venue. They will search for these rings and the person who discovers the most rings after allotted time wins. This game is ideal for hotels, backyards, and indoor showers.

  1. Lingerie shower bingo game

Lingerie shower games tend to be a bit slutty and tacky but the lingerie bingo shower game is every shade decent and fun. The bride to be and her gang can only play this game whilst she opens her gift. You can download the game card and print for everyone present.

Each card contains possible and essential items which the bride to be will likely reviewing as gifts. So when she opens each gift, she calls it to the hearing of the guests. The guests will tick it on their cards. Any guest who is first to tick the named gifts consistently on a straight or vertical line wins.

  1. How well do you know the bride game

For fun bachelorette party games, we love this one so much. It gives everyone an opportunity to know a little more about the bride. On entrance into the bridal shower party venue, place on a table list of questions about the bride-to-be. As each guest comes, they’ll pick a card, give answers to the questions and hold on to it.

Once it’s game time, everyone whips out their answer card and pencils. The bride will answer all the bachelorette games questions, and whichever gets the most questions right wins. There should be gifts for this.

  1. Porn or polish game

This is one of the free nails game that can send you home will full installed nails. It’s a tough one, because how many porn movies can a person watch? People who will enjoy this game are beautician brides-to-be, glamorous guests, and carefree people. This game is printable and downloadable.

On the card, you’ll find a long list of titles, which are either names of nail polishes or porn movies. You’ll either movie or polish for each title. For each correct one, you get a free nail installed. Who knows? You could go home with a full Mani-Pedi.

  1. The ring toss game

Perfect for the beach, backyard, and woods, the ring toss is a fun bachelorette party game. Line bottles in a straight row and split the guests into groups. Have them toss plastic rings onto the necks of lined bottles. The guests who are successful in tossing the most rings wins.

 Break the ice amongst your guests with these bachelorette games list above. They’re classy, interactive, and inclusive. Have a blast!

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