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7 Ideas To Manage Your Teen’s Dental Habits

Teenage is the time when children become aware of and fascinated by different new ideas and seek to try them as they leave your sphere of influence.

Teenage is also the time when the physical aspect of the body starts changing and bring in habits and practices that make for a healthy teen, adult, and even old age life.

It is the time to introduce your teen to habits that can guarantee good health, especially of their teeth. We list a few here.

Dental Care Products

Make them more familiar with toothbrushes, dentist, toothpaste, floss, and diet. They need to know how to use these, and the different choices, concerns, and issues when buying these products, floss especially, as explained by Oral B.

They need to be aware of the importance of a good diet in the health and appearance of your teeth. You would also need to explain to them how to prevent cavities and gum disease. Once these habits and thoughts are ingrained in them, you can be sure that they are on to it for life.

Cut Down On Sodas And Sports Drinks

If you are wondering how these liquids can affect your teeth, just think of the quantity of sugar that these drinks would have, given that they are all quite sweet and energy enhancing. The best option is to avoid them when and where you can – at home.

Since it is not always possible to control what children buy or consume when away from home, you can be sure that they aren’t picking up the habit at home. Dental specialists can explain it better and in details, as given here.

Bling Is Not On

Let your teen not choose oral piercing as a fad to follow. Purely from a dental or oral health point of view tongue and lip piercings are dangerous. The mouth contains millions of bacteria, and mouth piercings could lead to infection, swelling and other complications. There is also the risk of choking if the jewelry chips off in the mouth or of a tooth cracking by a hard bite.

There is also the risk of damage to teeth since they repeatedly rub against the jewelry apart from serious infections, like hepatitis or endocarditis. The picture here should make a convincing case since the alternative is worse — surgical intervention and some time under a Cardiac Science AED.

Guards For Your Pearly Whites

Teenage is the time when children get involved in physical endeavors, sports, and games. While it is good for their development, the precaution of using a dental/ oral guard has to be strictly followed.

The fact that there are sport related mouth injuries numbering more than 200,000 happening each year should convince you if ever you needed proof. While it may be inconvenient to wear a mouth guard for protection, it is not as much as the cost, pain, and trouble of hospital visits and treatment.

Brace Yourself

Teenage is the right time to set the path for good physical growth, especially teeth. This is the time when the milk teeth are gone and any problems related to improper tooth spacing or poor alignment can be taken up and treated without much trouble.

Orthodontic problems are best treated at this age since it becomes harder to treat these problems as they grow older. Since the teenage body is still growing it is easier to coax it to grow the right way at this time and a visit to an orthodontist or a good website could get you on the right track.

Habits Make A Teen

Your teen is on the way to becoming self-reliant but a quick reminder can help to get them to brush and floss regularly. While not being a constant pest, a quick prompt can ensure that the foundation for this habit is laid.

You also need to tell them about the type of toothbrush to use, when to change them and the different toothpaste that we find in the market. Your dentist can do well in explaining essential teen dental habits.

A Dentist Can Fix It

Regular visits to the dentist must be a priority for children in their growing years so that any issue with their teeth can be spotted early. Specific advice about teens from a dentist can explain to them the importance of proper mastication and provide a good assessment of oral health to put a specific hygiene plan into practices.

This is important considering that puberty makes young adults more susceptible to cavities. A visit to the dentist can handle this and any requirement for gum disease treatment that is also likely in this period.

To Conclude

While dental care starts the moment children grow teeth teenage is the time for good habits, Parents have an important role in setting good examples, teaching teens about avoiding dental problems and the importance of regular dental care.

Rest assured, the teen is on to a good thing with oral hygiene, proper diet and good habits for a lifetime of good teeth and the great smile.

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