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9 Ways Cannabis Can Help Athletic Performance

The countries around the world have fast begun to legalize the use of cannabis. Although the medical use of cannabis is much highly encouraged than that of the recreational use of it, the latter is also catching on. Uruguay, Canada, and Georgia are the only counties in the world which have come to terms with its usage both medically and recreationally. Among the 2 most popular strains of cannabis are sativa and indica.

There is a general perception among people that the consumption of cannabis is linked to laziness, lethargy, and wavering of focus. However, this is hardly true as a number of athletes take to its use for gaining athleticism across the world. Cannabis consumption can bolster your performance on the field big time if you have it in prescribed limits. This article intends to discuss some ways how cannabis can help you achieve that.

Provides relief from pain

Athletes have to remain up and about around the year to churn out successful performances. However, it is all too common for them to sustain injuries every now and then. Besides, muscle soreness, joint pain, and stiffness are problems that athletes might face. This is where cannabis can provide the necessary leverage for the body to fight all kinds of pain. A study suggests that it consists of analgesic properties that help bring about timely relief and facilitates in pushing the limits. Cannabis also aids in building the immunity levels of the body, which proves to be beneficial for the overall health.

Fights stress and anxiety

An athlete regularly goes through tough as well as happy times, owing to the nature of the pursuit. Wins and losses are part of the game, however, performance pressure, uncertainty and the sight to achieve the best can sometimes lead to the onset of stress and anxiety. In order to curb these instincts, you turn to the use of cannabis, which enables the production of endorphins in the body as per a study. These happy hormones help in getting rid of the negative emotions and nurtures positivity and relaxation, both physically and mentally.

Treats spasms

The contraction of spasms can be a recurring problem for athletes. However, it should not be allowed to become an intruding factor for the performance. In order to tackle this effectively, the consumption of cannabis can be of great use. It fights against the menace of muscle spasticity and eases away the discomfort efficiently. The patients of Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s diseases can also resort to its use to gain relief from muscle spasms related to the illness.

Gives a runner’s high

Runners can benefit from the consumption of cannabis due to its ability to induce the production of endocannabinoids in the body, thereby giving a runner’s high. As per an article, it helps in improving the performance significantly and also facilitates the process of muscle relaxation. This shall enable you to focus on your performance and increase your endurance to run long distances without burning you out. Hence, whether it be sprinting or long-distance running, cannabis works wonder for the body.

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The inflammation of muscles and joints is something that an athlete has to go through as part and parcel. However, this should not become the reason enough to put hindrances in your performance and cause obstruction in the trajectory of your success. Hence, you must inculcate the use of cannabis in your schedule to keep the inflammation in check as it contains a compound called CBD in it. An article suggests that this compound is not only anti-inflammatory but also helps the athletes get over their injuries in a shorter period of time.

Enhances the mental strength

Although on the outset it seems like athletes only need to focus on the physical prowess, the mental capabilities and sharpness also play a vital role in attaining success. As per the findings of a study, the consumption of cannabis is linked with strengthening of the cognitive abilities, fixing the psychotic disorders, and doing away with mental dysfunctions. Apart from this, the brain is known to react to the CBD in cannabis similar to how it reacts with serotonin and dopamine, providing that extra leverage to the athletes to boost their performance.

Help get rid of free radicals

The development of free radicals happens in the body due to a process called oxidative stress, which is characterized by the metabolism of oxygen. These free radicals are detrimental to the health of the cells and negatively impact the well-being of the entire body. This calls for ensuring that the build-up of these remain minimal and the excess is gotten rid of. The immune system does help in this process, however, you can give a push to its efforts with the use of cannabis. Since it is an antioxidant, you shall be able to remove harmful toxins from the body due to its ability to negate their accumulation.

Promotes heart health

The heart is one of the most important organs of the body, which plays the role of pumping blood, oxygen, and nutrients to every part of the body. It functions to its optimal levels when the blood circulation of the body is proper. Consuming cannabis can be of great use here, due to its ability to aid in maintaining the ideal blood pressure, thereby providing strength to the heart. Besides, cannabis also enables the removal of toxins from the body that can be injurious to the haleness. A healthy heart translates to an increase in endurance, which shall enable you to churn out the best of your performances.

Improves the sleeping pattern

For any athlete, getting a proper amount of sleep is highly important to be able to remain fresh and energetic during their time on the field. A study suggests that an adult requires a sleep of at least 7-8 hours a day to ensure overall health. Consuming cannabis can enable you to relax your mind and calm your nerves, which helps in attaining an uninterrupted and sound sleep.

Thus, it is high time we get over our inhibitions about the use of cannabis and explore it for achieving a wide range of benefits as discussed above. People have also taken up marijuana cultivation nowadays. The medical world believes in its potential, which makes it imperative for the sustainability of the athletes.

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