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7 Modern Master Bathroom Must-Haves

A well-furnished modern master bathroom cannot only increase the value of your property but also can lift the living standards of your life.So,it’s very important to give required time and energy to choose the professional bathroom renovator.Typically, a bathroom just requires a functioning toilet, sink, shower and faucets whereas a modern master bathroom can have many more things added to it. There are many reputed brands you can choose from, such as bristan sink. We’ll discuss about these bathroom additions, which you can consider for your next bathroom revamp.

  1. Bath Tub

A comfortable bath tub is an essential addition for a modern master bathroom because this is the place you’ll sit to relax and relinquish your stress. Better yet to have a “Jacuzzi” – a large whirlpool bathtub with underwater jets that massages the body. Check Smooth and shiny door handles for your main door.

2.Bathroom Vanity


A bathroom vanity is an important add-onto a modern master bathroom. A bathroom vanity unit will contain sinks, mirrors, cabinet shelves and/or drawers. Here, you can store your moisturisers, shampoos, conditioners,towels and toilet paper among others.To increase the storage and free up more floor space, you need to make a bathroom cabinetry that extends up perpendicularly along the walls. Click here to buy online bathroom vanities and Bathroom Decor Ideas.

  1. Enclosed Shower

Enclosed shower is a must for a modern master bathroom. It not only looks stunning but also keeps other spaces in your bathroom from getting wet because enclosures are made to retain the moisture within its limits. Bathroom enclosures are available on the market in various transparent variants giving you the benefit of choosing the one that goes well with rest of the bathroom interiors.

  1. Separate Water Closet

A separate space dedicated to the toilet will give you privacy but it requires added space. Installing fixtures like bidet requires plenty of space that’s why washlet toilet seats have substantially increased in popularity. You can install a washlet toilet seat in place of your ordinary toilet seat. This will make your commode ready for twin purpose.

  1. Ceramic Tile Shower

Ceramic-tiled showers not only look beautiful but also come with many other advantages.Ceramic tiles avert fungi and dust mites, prevent humidity and are effortless to clean.

  1. His-Her Sinks& Towel Racks


 Each person can enjoy their own space in the bathroom with two sinks and vanities separately installed. Along with his-her vanities, it is essential to have other necessary bathroom accessories like towel racks too. This will ensure each of you gets their own space inside a shared space.

  1. Artwork

To jazz up space, wall art can provide the perfect touch, which will make your bathroom lively.

Final words

Rightly, bathroom makes the most important part of your home. Nothing looks better than a properly furnished bathroom. The list of the things you should have in a modern master bathroom is very long and we have just touched on some of the essential things that you can consider for building a modern master bathroom.

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