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A List Of Gifts That Will Make Your Relationship Only Stronger With Time

A relationship is built up with love, time and understanding. And it is made stronger by little efforts and compromises. A sudden dinner date or road trip can make your loved one gleaming with joy. Even a small but thoughtful gift can make your beloved one realize how much you love them.

When it comes to gifting, you can be left mind boggled with so many options available. You can visit ten different websites or five stores and still not find an apt gift for the person you love. You may hunt for something useful, which they can use daily. Clothes, cosmetics, stationery, accessories are hackneyed gifting options in that case. But if you want to do something unique, then you are sorted with Oye Happy. Forget the old school gifts and get onto the trending gifts. Your special someone will not only appreciate your thoughtful gift but also be thrilled to see the uniqueness of it.

Here are the some out of the box romantic gifts options you can go for:

1. Name and NostalgiaCustomized gifts are trending these days. Hence, this is a perfect customized gift for your special someone. It is a photo hanger that has a name tag of your loved one. The name comes written with colourful terracotta letters. There are 5 clips below it to hold his or her favourite pictures. This structure is made on pinewood and is aesthetically gorgeous. The name tag can also have other words you wish to submit. This gift is delivered in just 5-8 days.

2. The Happy Mug- This is another one of the best-customized gifts for the person you love. This 330ml mug can be personalized with a picture and some thoughtful messages. All you have to do is share a picture of the person and answer some simple questions. The mugs will be designed based on your input. What else can be more unique than this?! Whenever they take a sip at their favourite tea or coffee, they are going to be reminded of you.

  1. Audio Greeting card-Let the strength of your love be vocal with this incredible audio greeting card. The audio is to be provided by you. This same audio message will be played whenever the card is opened. This is a very personalized gift for that charming/handsome person in your life. This may make you nostalgic of the past when the cards used to play happy birthday music. It is the same thing but with a twist. Here your own voice will be heard by the person who receives it.
  2. Stars Above Us Virtual- Use technology to make your dear one feel loved. This unique gift shows you the arrangement of stars of a particular date and time. You can choose the date and time of your wedding day or the first time you met. The star arrangement map will be mailed to the person you love.
  3. Custom Love Tracker- This tracker reminds both of you of the number of days you have been in love with each other. It comes with two spaces for your pictures and counter space for 5 numbers. The digits are a component of the gift box. You can keep updating the number of days daily. This gift will act as a reminder to you and your spouse of the beautiful long relationship you have.
  4. Mapping Hearts- This gift is for those couples who live in different cities or countries. A heart is divided into two portions from the middle. One part has the map of the place you live in while the other is the map of your lover’s location. This heart comes in a neat frame and can be hanged on the wall. This gift will remind that great person of the love you both have for each other, even though being far off.
  5. Stars for Couples- Make your love outlive you with this gift. Two stars, close to each other, will be named after you and your loved one. This will remain forever, and you can track it anytime you want to. The star constellation and location will be provided to you and your partner. This celestial beatific gift is for those people who love out-of-the-world gifts both figuratively and literally. This surreal gift will surely thrill the person who receives it.
  6. Art in a Bottle- This is a perfect gift for people who appreciate art. A pencil lead is neatly carved and placed in a bottle with a handcrafted wooden stand. The name of your lover can be embossed on this pencil lead to give it a more personalized touch. The intricate craft is indeed a work of an expert which is very evident on the showpiece.

    9. Ted Talks-Is your relationship with your partner an appealing one? Then your partner will love this little teddy. What’s unconventional about it? This teddy can play your voice message every time it is pressed. It is the perfect gift for the cheesy lover.

  7. Land on the Moon- Lovey-dovey phrases is now a reality with this extraordinary gift. Surprise your dear one with land on the moon. Yes, you read it right. Now an acre of land on the moon can be bought in the name of your lover. A certificate will be delivered to the person concerned with the exact land coordinates of the moon. So go ahead and say, “I can fetch the moon for you” because you can really do that now!

    All gifts for him & her are available at Oye Happy. The gifts here are thoughtful and unique. Your hunt for the perfect gift must end here because there is a wide range of collection of gifts. Here you will get gifts for everyone and not only for couples. Many unique gifts for parents, siblings, friends and relatives are available. No matter who you plan to gift something, you will undeniably find the right one here. So what are you waiting for? Get onto the website a browse through the ocean of personalized and unique gifts at Oye Happy.

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