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AC Installation: Your First Step to a Sweet Summer

The summer is at its peak and the use of AC in inevitable. Especially when you work or plan on getting a peaceful sleep. The presence of kids at home continuously demands a fully functional AC at home all time. It is not difficult to install your AC yourself but to manage the technical issues the first time can be tricky. If you already have some experience, then you are probably aware of the drill. The following guide can help you freshen up your AC installation basics to install a brand new unit.

1#. Measure the strength of the wall

This is rather an important factor. The wall’s strength for residential AC installation should be measured before you put a unit on it. Overloading can cause damage as well. Before you do that, select a proper direction of the blower’s throw. Check that cooling may not leak through the opening doors or windows. Once you have figured that out you are good to go with installation of AC on this sturdy wall.

2#. Select adequate Installation height

Better and efficient cooling of an AC unit depends on many factors including the mounting height. A poorly mounted AC can’t cool your place well. Especially, the commercial AC installation always requires to take into account such factors for economical reasons. A room that cools quickly can turn off the AC compressor automatically, saving the excessive electricity. This factor is very important to reduce the energy consumption bills.

3#. Manage the drained water

The drained water and moisture can turn out to be a critical issue. A bad installation can increase the moisture of the walls of your room. If ignored, it can also result in seepage, and eventually, the mold will grow everywhere. Even before you start, you must take into account how you are going to manage the water coming out of your unit. The best thing is to have a pre-installed drain pipe for AC. A help by a professional plumber can also help you manage it efficiently. It is advised not to temper the drainpipe of the unit or you might end up damaging your brand new unit.

Air condition for summer

4#. Choose the right position for the outdoor unit

Most people consider if their AC is not performing well then it is their inner unit. This is where they are wrong and such issues occur with your outer unit. A bad positioning might affect the cooling efficiency. Many people place their units carelessly, they fail to realize that for better results they must place it where they have proper ventilation. A unit placed in good ventilation conditions performs a lot better as compared to one placed under poor ventilation. You can clearly feel the difference when you visit different places but have installed a similar unit.

5#. Call for help

The task you might think a difficult one can be completed by a very little effort and in little time. A professional is highly skilled in installing AC units and does it more efficiently. You don’t need to care about the installation angles and unit positioning. They calculate everything and even provide you with tips for better performance. Never forget that professional assistance is required from time to time that keeps your unit in the best working condition. It is always recommended to have a few contacts of professionals on your phone in advance before you actually need one.

Final Though

Summer demands the functional air conditioner. Whether it is your office or your home a peaceful and comfortable time is only guaranteed by a normalized ambiance. Only your AC unit can ensure you get the best possible environment. Indeed, the installation of new AC unit might not be a difficult task but a professional can perform the same task in a much better way. He doesn’t commit any mistake like you and makes sure your walls stay intact and your AC performs the best. There’s no shame in admitting you can’t do it, because a bad installation might cost you excessively.


Helen Marshall
Helen Marshall
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