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How Are Nike and Foot Locker Improving In-Store Experiences

The leading sportswear and footwear retailer, Foot Locker, has collaborated with Nike through digital connectivity to personalise customer experiences. Together, they aim to enhance Foot Locker Nike experience for customers through digital technologies.

Foot Locker has over 100 stores in Australia and New Zealand to connect its consumers technologically via localised operations. With 3200 stores globally, the company came together with sneaker giant Nike to promote the new stores across the region.

Connect With Buyers

The technology connection between Nike and Foot Locker has taken various initiatives to connect with the local people visiting the store. The store uses graphics and rich media to celebrate people’s cultural heritage and artwork, making it easy to connect with the neighbourhood.

The footwear retailer launched many activities, events, and promotional discounts to attract more customers. Foot Locker Nike experience is set on various metrics and joint operation between both the retailers mainly focuses on customer relationships and their involvement.

It took months to prepare and coordinate both their technologies for better customer satisfaction. However, the collaboration is now much deeper between both the retailers.

Focussing on the Sales Teams

For improving in-store customer experiences, Foot Locker is collaborating with Nike Pro Athlete salespersons for its global stores, including the Australian outlets. The employees will be well-trained and educated about Nike shoes and equipment to boost their sales.

The retailer has also focussed on hiring a strong digital technology team to break the silos within the company and facilitate collaborations among IT and merchandising teams for better customer experiences. Nike Pro Athlete teams are a step in the same direction.

Opening Off-Mall Stores

Off-mall retail spaces have taken a centre stage in the Foot Locker’s sales strategies. The company is looking to launch Customer Power Stores in collaboration with Nike to enhance overall buying experiences. The new stores will serve more as the event hubs to celebrate the local sneaker culture, history, and sports.

The company also plans on blending the in-store and digital experiences, where customers can order Nike stuff online and pick their orders from the nearest store.

Varieties under the Single Roof

When the best of Nike and Foot Locker comes together, it’s a delightful experience for the customers. At the Foot Locker stores across the country, you will find all Nike products at one place. Nike Air Force 1, Tailwind, Kyrie Low 3, Next %, Air Max, Tuned, and other sneakers are available at all the stores.

Also, you can buy Nike for Kids that include shoes, logo crib sets, T-shirts, school pants, and hoodies for your little ones. Explore the latest and limited edition products as well through Foot Locker Nike experience.

With focus on improving brand experiences, the retailer launched the Sneakeasy program to showcase the latest offerings in Nike and Jordan at the select stores. All these strategies aim at forging Foot Locker’s holding in the athletic gear markets. The collaboration with Nike will help redefine the sales processes through novel concepts, be it swags, release calendars, and more.

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