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Agra – The Most Exotic Location to Visit

Are you India and planning to the most beautiful monument of India which is located in Agra? Yes, you are right. We are talking about the beautiful Mughal monument Tajmahal and it is located in Agra. We all know that the importance of Agra is because of the Tajmahal but we never pay heed that Agra as a city itself is very beautiful. If you are coming to Agra with a plan to just see the Tajmahal then you are missing a lot of things and excitement from the city. Agra is not a big city like Delhi and Mumbai but you can get everything that you wished for. If you wish to have a tour of Agra city then hiring a taxi would be the best option. There are travel companies that would provide the taxi service in Agra.

The Agra city is very old and has always been under the Mughal influence for a very long period and the effect of the same can be seen in the entire city. The roads of the Agra are wide enough to drive carefully and reach the destination at the right time with safety. The reason to use the taxi service in Agra is that of the parking issue. If you are visiting a monument for your leisure and enjoyment and traveling with your conveyance then you have to take tension about the parking and in most of the cases, the parking areas are very far off. In this regards, in order to save your time and avoid tension, you should prefer the taxi service in Agra. It would make your journey very easy and comfortable.

Agra is a city not only for Tajmahal but for two more other monuments and they are the Agra Fort and the Baby Taj. They both equally important and beautiful and have a long story behind just like a Tajmahal. The constructions of all the monuments are beautifully done and the creativity of the artisans can still be seen in the monuments. The Tajmahal is constructed with the white marbles which looks like a diamond in the sun rays. This monument looks the most beautiful during sunrise and sunset and we can find a huge population during this time of the day. Most of the tourist visitors wait for this particular time and enjoy to the fullest. The images captured during this time give a different aura whenever it is looked through. The Tajmahal is a mausoleum where as per the Islamic culture prayer is offered and there is a special prayer offered every Friday. This is the reason Tajmahal is closed on every Friday for all general visitors. The next monument Agra fort was established with the help of the red sandstone. This monument is the oldest one and was very important for the Mughals as most of the important meetings were held and important delegates of the Mughal Empire used to stay in this monument. The Baby Taj is just a replica of the main Tajmahal.

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