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 Why Singapore Airlines still Rewarded as the Best in 2019

The list of top airlines has been revealed by where Singapore Airline has been put at the top of the list. The new rankings of global carriers was publicized by the site grading the airline as the most trusted airlines in the world in terms of safety, immigration and in- flight experience.

Singapore Airline has been receiving praise because it has taken the crown from Air New Zeeland that had persistently been on the first position for past five years; all thanks to its competent staff and customer- oriented policies.  This Asian airline has successfully maintained a fine reputation for decades and now climbs all the ladders to reach the title of number one airline in 2019. Alongside the coveted spot, it also won a haul of other accolades such as, voted as best first class airline seat, world’s best first class and best airline in Asia.

To be named in the top 10 airlines, air- carriers must achieve seven- star safety ratings and elicit leadership in innovation for passenger comfort, as per the Singapore Airline met the criteria so was announced to be on the top. The airline has been put on 1, not only because of its safety and in- flight services but also a careful assessment was done in regards to other 12 criteria s such as fleet age, passenger reviews, profitability, investment rating, product offerings and staff relations. Singapore airline won the award due to fulfilling of such all criteria including strong in- flight services, revamped cabins, impressive new A350 and Boeing Dream liner aircraft, operational safety record and its new Singapore to New York service, which at 19 hours is the new longest direct flight in the world, making the airline admired by the passengers.

There are few of the reasons why Singapore airline has been categorized as the best airline of 2019;

  • Convenience: Singapore airline is undoubtedly convenient that’s the main reason why it categorizes as the best airline of 2019. Reaching to the airport in the middle of night or so early in the morning is probably the most difficult thing for traveler to catch flights. Very convenient arrival and departure timings are one of the vital reasons why Singapore airlines scored such high tag.
  • Changi Airport: Voted as world’s number one airport. The airport is a destination itself because when you are in transit area, it’s hard to imagine that you’re in an airport instead you feel like you’re in mall. Changi airport features gardens, lounges and all sorts of fascinating things you can enjoy during your time at airport including play areas to keep your kids entertained. Furthermore, this airport combines sparkling shops from designer brands with a 1960’s style Food Street where travellers are spoilt for eating huge eating options. Hold on! There’s something more, a cinema and a gaming deck with X boxes and Play Stations. After all these amenities what really sets the airport apart are six gardens and koi pond.
  • Huge fleet size: Singapore airline was founded in 1972 and from that time till now, it has been bestowing the best of it. The airline gradually increases its fleet size and in November 2017, it surpassed the Emirates with 159 fleets.
  • Dining: Asian foods are always perceived as more flavorful than any other meals and when it comes to Singaporean food, the taste makes passengers to praise it. In such hectic lives, many of didn’t get a chance to enjoy a good movie with decent food and divine glass of wine. Taking a long distance flights with Singapore airline is a great opportunity because you’ll get to drink the delicious wines that not only good only flavorful but also compatible with the dishes the airline serves.
  • Service: Whatever airline you open claims to provide most friendly and helpful on board service. Singapore airline not only claims but actually provide best services. They train new recruits for four months, twice as long as the industry average of eight weeks. The training covers everything from serving food and understanding the onboard wines to etiquette and cultural sensitivity of travelers.
  • Good Number of Choices: The very best way to keep our passengers happy to secure the top position is to give them choice. The airline has big comfy seats and choice of meals in Economy class and Premium Economy class seats have greater width of seats up to 19.5 inches and extra food and drink options are available such as unlimited Champagne. Seats in business Class can transform into full flat beds, which helped the airline win “Best Business Class Seats” award in 2016.
  • Loyalty: The major success behind Singapore Airlines is that they know that loyalty is earned over the long period of time and that a single bad experience can ruin the years of hard earned loyalty. That’s why instead of giving passengers some reward miles that make sure that each and every traveller have a great experience every time.


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