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Animated Explainer Video Production: Some Basic Tips and Tricks for Animators

The name explainer video is already self-explanatory but its scope began with the educational and academic domain. Now animated explainer videos are being used to define and highlight a brand or business’ offering such as its products or services and have been proved effective in this domain.

For that reason, individuals and businesses are looking for the best video animation maker online that is out there, as they intend to use animated content for highlighting and conveying what they have to offer.

The production of an animated video might be simple,however, to make it exceptional; here is what you need to follow.

Make it visually convincing

While videos are already meant to be persuasive but an animated explainer video is made to visualize a certain service, product or topic. However, persuasiveness leads to call to action and that is what should be the goal of every online business. If you are not visually vocal then there is a possibility to lose potential customers. Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, you need to convince your audience to choose you over your competitors. That is something textual content alone cannot provide you with so it is better to depend upon explainer videos.

Pay heed to simplicity

The average duration of most animated explainer videos is not more than 60 seconds because dragging it more would result in people losing interest in the video. That is why you should use a simple message and execute it in a visually simple manner too. Do not add unnecessary details that extend the message nor make it too complicated to understand. Stick to a single theme and do not bloat the explainer video with written content, as it will affect its visibility. Solely focus on your brand’s offerings such as the products and services and you are good to go.

Keep your audience connected

User engagement is directly correlated to a brand’s success. If your message and video appeal were boring then nobody would be interested to watch it. Analyze what your audience would want to see and then form an idea for the explainer video. Be professional about what you are intending to convey so do not add random elements that are not related to the video’s message. It would divert your audience’s attention from the actual message. The viewers would have no focus on the video’s story and would end up not remembering anything so if you want to keep your audience connected, you would have to take of this.

Do not forget to add CTAs

An animated video without CTA would have no use for you. The purpose to make a promotional animated explainer video is not getting grab user attention and then lead them to your services or products but if the video does not have it then they would not stay for long. Implementing a CTA is an essential part of explainer video production that should never be ignored. Research and find what your potential consumers would want to view and what they would not prefer at all.

Choose professional video production

If you have set a budget for video production then you should analyze it once again. The budget is not what matters but it depends upon whom you are working with. You could make the video yourself and cut down costs but that is not recommended since it would leave to many shortcomings. The video type, quality,and style would not be effective and the efforts you will put into the production would be futile. Rely on professional and make sure that is simple and contains each of the aspects you intend to portray.


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