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Embrace the Love of Solan by Visiting These Beautiful Locations Here

Solan is indeed a very beautiful place and it’s approximately 35 km from the cleanest city of our country i.e. Chandigarh. Every year a huge number of tourists visit this place because of its charming weather and attractive location where you can spend some good time and enjoy your vacations with your family and loved ones. The best thing about this place is that it’s not very far and easily approachable so that people who can plan their weekend vacations can too come here for that time and have a good holiday. I must say that their vacation will be filled with all fun, relaxation, view of amazing sceneries and rejuvenations of thoughts and body.

Now, for the people who are keen to know when they can come to this amazing location, let me help them with a few important details that will help them to plan their holiday days before.

During the months of March, April, May and June the weather at this place remains pleasant as in other states the mercury starts to rise high making it too hot to stay. Well, here you will have cool breeze with charming sceneries making it quiet more interesting to stay here. This is really the best time to explore this beautiful place.

Apart from this, if you have missed this period, then you have August, September, October and November. During this period, again the weather stays happy as it has just said goodbye to the monsoon rains. People who love the green shade of Mother Nature can come here to enjoy this mesmerizing view of lush green countryside.

So, these two options are perfect to choose from and it will give you a vacation of your lifetime.

Now, let’s come to the places that are among the top on the list of must visit locations in Solan for all travel freaks.

The first place is Bon Monastery. This is the main center of attraction here and is located approximately 13 km from the Solan City. People who visit here experience the wide Tibetan culture and get to know the real facts about the Bon community which sometimes people relate to the Buddhists because of not knowing the actual facts.

The next stop is Christ Church which is located in Kasauli. It is a quiet charming place and visitors who love architecture indeed come to see this 180 years old recognizable icon of the city. You will see people coming here for prayers and praising the beauty of this brilliant structure.

The third stop is the famous Shoolini Mata Temple which is very famous among the locals as well as the travelers who visit here every year. The devotees come here to offer their prayers and enjoy the yearly fair that is organized by the associated committee of the temple. People believe that Shoolini mata is the incarnation of the Durga Mata.

Dagshai Jail Museum is the next stop. This prison is the very old building and is remembers because during the days of Irish independence struggle, Mahatma Gandhi stayed here for a few days and this place is the second in the list of jails that have turned into museums.

The next one is the most enjoyable ride of toy train from Kalka to Shimla. Every year you will see thousands of people travelling by this train to enjoy its ride and it can board people from Kumahatti, Solan and Barog stations. This train passes from 107 tunnels and 864 bridges to reach its destination. You will have a memorable trip in this classic british time toy train.

Well, all these a few famous tourist spots and while you will comes here; there is again a huge list of things to do here. So, make sure that you choose this place next time and enjoy being here with your loved ones.

Now, if you are confused for how you will reach Solan, then the best option is to reach Chandigarh and then take the road trip from Chandigarh to Solan in Taxi. You will have a good time and you can see other beautiful views through your journey.

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