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Basics Types of Auto Insurance Coverages


Are you a victim of vehicular accidents, and you realized that you do not have collision auto insurance? According to U.S traffic studies, almost 6,000 individuals are reported to be a part of automobile accidents. With that figure revealed, 50 percent of them do not have any kind of auto insurance. Most people included in these types of accidents have severe injuries like broken arms and legs, fractured spine, and other possible medical damages. The most lethal part is death resulting from the accidents, especially if the individual has no auto insurance coverage at all. It is very sad, but this is the reality that most Americans do not have auto insurance coverage of their own.

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Auto insurance has already become a commodity that is affordable all over the country because of the countless auto insurance companies offering affordable policies. Now, a lot of Americans do not have any reason why they should not avail the of auto insurance as a protection for themselves and their vehicles.

In this type of auto insurance, you are really secure and when it comes to heavy damages of both wrecked cars. This helps drivers to pay or claim their legal damages covered by collision auto insurance. Another great deal about collision auto insurance is that if you crashed in a tree and no one will pay for the damages. Collision auto insurance will cover all the preceding damages caused by the trees.


There are a lot of drivers who drive their cars without any auto insurance at all. There are many different reasons they do not have auto insurance. Some excuses might be valid, and others plainly make up excuses to avoid purchasing insurance.

When you hit a person using your car, which caused heavy damage, that would be considered a bodily injury. These are the expenses when it comes to medical treatment, medication, and recovery. This is why this kind of auto insurance will pay for all your expense for the treatment of your victim in accidents.

Purchasing liability auto insurance is a good decision. It comes at a cheap rate, and this kind of insurance is required in over 50 states in the country. This auto insurance covers the medical bills and other essential properties of others damaged by your car. To avoid paying a huge amount of money, not to mention emptying your savings, this auto insurance will help you financially by paying all of the expenses related to damages. Let’s be honest; not all people can afford the cost of repairs, not to mention both bodily injuries and property damages.


Are you the person who has started to realize how important it is to have Comprehensive Auto Insurance? Comprehensive auto insurance is a type of auto insurance coverage that helps protect against physical damage to the car. For some people, comprehensive auto insurance is a bit confusing.

The collision with another car is another kind of auto insurance. The main comprehensive auto insurance covers are applied when the vehicle is stolen, the car catches fire, the car is a victim of riot aftermath, weather calamities such as floods, vandalism, glass breakage, damage that is caused by animals, and even missiles and other falling objects.

Why is it important to have comprehensive auto insurance? Purchasing a car is not just like buying a shirt where you can buy as many as you want. To be exact, cars are somehow expensive these days. It takes a huge amount of money to purchase one single vehicle. This is the reason why it is essential to buy comprehensive auto insurance. The car also needs protection for possible accidents that your vehicle might encounter. Some car insurance companies have also attached comprehensive auto insurance packages to the car. This allows the buyer to easily get comprehensive auto insurance without any hassle.

You can get the policy that best suits your coverage needs if you first compare several options. To buy a cheap auto insurance policy under $100 a month that includes these types of coverages, just use an auto insurance comparison website and submit your zip code to begin the comparison of quotes.

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