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Best Mobile RPGs 2020

Gaming became universal with mobile gaming. The first mobile games were simple ones but mobile gaming improved so much over the years, that they became even more common than other ports. Let’s take a look at the bigger picture, PC Gaming is expensive and consoles do not cater to your every need as a gamer. But mobile gaming has everything in a single device from strategy games to RPGs where you can pocket and play whenever you want, wherever you want.

Mobile gaming also brought mobile RPG’s and it became one of the biggest gaming genres, if not the biggest. After all, we all dream to be someone else – in an RPG you can be a hero, a general, a football player, or a princess you name it. Mobile RPG games have improved, with many good titles.

Before we take a  look at the Best Mobile RPGs of 2020, make sure to get your iTunes Gift Cards ready for any in-app purchases. Let’s go!

Genshin Impact


Let us start our list with a newcomer. Genshin Impact is a hit for sure. The gameplay is amazing and some call it a Japanese version of Breath of the Wild. A huge world filled with missions and quests. Players play in the world of Teyvat, a magical realm with an open world. The battle system of the game is also unique. Players use elemental powers during fights. Genshin Impact is the ultimate JRPG that offers unique gameplay with replayability.



One of the best mobile RPG games of all time is Eternium. The game can be considered as a mobile Diablo. Eternium is extremely easy to grasp. Movement mechanics are tap to move and swipe to cast which makes you feel like a magician. You can play one of the 3 classes available Mage, Warrior, or Bounty Hunter. Players can level up to level 70 which just goes to show how much content there is. You can even play the game offline if you want to. The game has a lot of replayability since there are randomly generated levels even if you finish 3 storylines. Eternium deserves a chance for sure.

Black Desert Mobile

If you are looking for a familiar face then we suggest Black Desert Mobile. The game is a true MMORPG experience, from world bosses to quests, if you are an MMO fan you will love this. First of all the game’s graphics are amazing and the open world is very interactive. Black Desert Mobile has one of the best character customizations we have ever seen. You will be able to fish, tame animals and make a better campsite. There are 12 classes to choose from and each class has unique abilities to use. If you like MMORPG’s, then Black Desert awaits you.

Banner Saga

banner Saga

Banner Saga is a critically acclaimed RPG for its story. The game is definitely for those hardcore RPG fans out there. You will be playing in the Viking age. The game’s ar


twork is 2D but it is captivating. Players can play with more than 25 characters and choose one of the 7 classes. You will have to build relationships to survive. Every choice you make changes the storyline, therefore you need to be careful. If you are looking for an amazing story then Banner Saga is the one for you.

Another Eden


Another JRPG on our list is Another Eden. You will be playing Aldo, and you will try to rescue your sister from the Beast King. The story is an interesting one full of time jumps. The game is sometimes a side-scrolling RPG and sometimes a fully 3D world opens up. The battles are turn-based and players need to strategize every move before they play. Another Eden is a critically acclaimed game with nearly 20 hours of content available. If you like JRPG’s Another Eden is waiting for you.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition


We all know how famous the Final Fantasy series are. Final Fantasy XV is no different, the game makes a seamless jump from console to mobile. The story is once again a great one and the characters are fun to play. You will be exploring the world of Final Fantasy with this game. The game has very cute graphics and the gameplay is by chapters. The game battle system is unique with an active cross battle system. Unfortunately, after Chapter 1, you will need to pay to play and unlock all the other chapters in the story.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar


If you are looking for a retro RPG then we can suggest Battle Chasers: Nightwar. The game is a turn-based RPG with lots of choices, it is a head-scratcher as much as it is an RPG. The game’s battle system is great with each hero having different powers and they also have unique ultimates. Battle Chasers: Nightwar has 6 heroes and you will need to balance your team to get the most out of the game. The game is also available with Google Play Pass if you are interested. Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a must-try for retro gamers.

Evoland 2


Maybe the most ambitious of this bunch is Evoland 2. The game is a mash-up of many historical video games. You will be playing familiar games from previous decades in this RPG. Kuro and Fina’s journey is one of the most fun games you will ever see. You will play 2D games, 3D games and even shooters inside this RPG. Evoland does make a great job bringing these games together in an RPG universe. The game’s motto is “One Adventure, Bunch of Gameplays”. If you are looking for a unique experience  Evoland 2 is the one.


There we have it, the Best Mobile RPGs in 2020. 2020 had some amazing games, but most of the best RPG’s are the seasoned ones, with a lot of content and stability. These games are more than games now, they are a form of art. Mobile gaming gave us thousands of games to choose from. RPG’s are suited towards both newcomers and old-schoolers. They are easy to grasp and fun to play with great stories. After all, we are all looking for that amazing story, whether we are playing on mobile, PC, or console.

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