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Best Theme Parks In The United States Of America

If you are an adventure lover like we are and are always on the look of the greatest theme parks we have got you covered. This is our list of the best theme parks in the United States of America. We bring you the best of the best theme parks in the country to date.

You will have your very own curated list so when you hit these cities you know which theme parks you can go to.

Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida:

Universal studios are some of the best parks in the world and there are a variety of things they offer to the people that visit the park. Talking about the overarching theme of the park it is basically a Hollywood themed park but you probably know that.

But let’s talk about the rides. Some of the best rides include the new Harry Potter and escape from Gringotts, revenge of the mummy, 3D transformer ride Minion mayhem and the best of the Men in a black alien attack. The most fun ride, however, is the race through New York starring Jimmy Fallon.
Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida:

Are you even surprised that this is on our list? If you have kids, they will go crazy if you take them there. Disney’s magic kingdom is basically every child’s dream come true. The Magic Kingdom, however, is equally loved by adults because we all grew up watching Disney and some part of us still believes in that magic.

The best attractions at the Disney’s magic kingdoms include the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it is possibly the coolest ride at this park. Some other rides include Space Mountain, Dumbo the flying elephant, the haunted house (it is a crowd favorite), Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and the seven dwarfs mine train.

Cedar Point, Ohio:

The second oldest theme park in the country is also the second best according to various rankings. This is the place where adults who love adventure, enjoy because there are more than 18 roller coasters and seventy-one rides. This was a record holder at one point in time. Cedar is still a great park.

Blue Streak is one of the oldest roller coasters in the world as it is still made of wood, it is not the craziest roller coaster. Wicked Twister is truly wicked and we love if love the extreme coaster go for it. The Magnum roller coaster is a whopping 200 feet high in the air. Top thrill dragster and, maverick is our favorite by far.

Six Flags Over Georgia: 

Have you been searching for the best Atlanta attraction well; there you have it? Best place to visit if you are in Atlanta. Six Flags over Georgia is a great theme park some of our favorite rides include Daredevil dive, Batman the ride, Superman the ultimate flight, mind bender and, tsunami surge.

What is there not to love in this park and if you have time you should go on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the view of the city.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, California:

This is the park with nineteen roller coasters even more than cedar point, it’s a crowd favorite park because of how it has incorporated virtual reality in its rides making your experience even more real. It is a park that is one of its kind. You can challenge yourself and go on every roller coaster in the park. We have done and it is wild.

Or we could suggest you the best rides available at the park. Some of our favorites include the doom drop because it makes our heart drop. Full throttle is the tallest and fastest loop roller coaster in the world, sounds crazy right? It is.

Another record holder is the Riddler’s revenge it is the fastest and tallest stand-up roller coaster in the world, it is even crazier. Scream is a roller coaster that is one of its kind, there are no tracks and it will make you scream. Just talking about it makes me want to go there again and go on all the roller coasters.

Hershey Park, Pennsylvania:

The park is as good as Hersey’s chocolate taste plus you can go and visit the factory themed tour ride afterward and snack on some yummy chocolates. This is a family friendly park not that other parks aren’t, but it’s something that the whole family can enjoy. There are thirteen roller coasters that adults can enjoy while the kids can enjoy the rides that are suitable for their age.

Busch Gardens Tampa Florida:

Ever heard about a theme park that is African themed. Well, there is one and it is absolutely amazing, here you can find exotic animals and see them as you should in a cage and they roam free. While animals are a great attraction for this park, but animals are not the only attraction here.

To make it even more awesome by adding rides and it also features tropical landscapes. There’s nothing negative that we have to say about this park. It’s totally worth the visit and you won’t be disappointed.

Kings Island, Ohio:

There is no doubt that Ohio is home to many awesome themes and adventure parks, Kings Island being one of them. The only downside is that it opens in early spring and closes on September second Labor Day. So, you must be Ohio in this time frame if you want to enjoy this amazing park.

It is home to some amazing roller coasters, our favorites include, banshee it will make your stomach churn, fire hawk, and great wolf lodge our favorite at the king’s island. Their Halloween themed rides are also great and fun.
Dollywood, Tennesse:

It is a theme park for people who like a little bit of everything and not just roller coasters. It is a family-friendly park with great food and lots of entertainment to choose from. It is another where adults and kids can have fun together.

Well, this was a list of our favorite theme parks in America and we love roller coasters so incorporated as many as we could.

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