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Can Driving Lessons Teach How to Share the Roads Safely with Large Vehicles?

Young drivers account for 13% of the total drivers on Australian roads, but they represent 23% of road accidents every year. The main reason is the lack of driving expertise among the young and new drivers. With proper driving lessons, you can learn how to drive safely while sharing the road with large vehicles like trucks.

When you pass a truck, safe overtaking is essential for road safety. Here are the things that an experienced driving instructor can teach you regarding road sharing with large trucks and other passenger vehicles.

Checking the Roads before Making a Pass

If you are driving on a highway, it is vital to check your surroundings and other cars around you before overtaking a truck. Several vehicles entering or exiting the road at the same time can create a bottleneck and limit your ability to manoeuvre the vehicle. Driving instructors can help you in handling such situations by reading and understanding different signs.

For example, if you see a sign saying ‘do not undertake the turning truck’, it means that the vehicle can use any lane for turning. In this case, you shouldn’t try to overtake the driver while they’re turning because it can be fatal.

Knowing About the Blind Spots

The large vehicles on highways and city roads have blind spots on their sides, front, and rear. As a driver, you should always stay clear of these blind spots. In your driving lessons, you will learn to identify the blind spots of large trucks, emergency vehicles, and buses to avoid collisions.

A general rule of thumb says that if you cannot see the truck driver through their side mirrors and windows, these are the main blind spots to be aware of. While passing them, try to maintain a proper distance from these points and minimise the time you spend near them.

Driving Past a Large Vehicle Quickly

After clearing the blind spots, you may see the driver of a large vehicle in their rearview mirror. It indicates that you are safe from the blind spots and use your turn indicator for changing the lane.

Start blinking the indicator a few seconds before making the turn. Once you are safely pulled into the next lane, drive away quickly within the road’s speed limits. The idea is to reduce time near the blind spots for safe driving.

Assessing the Objects in the Mirror

Sometimes, when you look in your side view mirror for passing vehicles, the objects appear farther than they are. Even your side and rear view mirrors have blind spots restricting your views.

The best driving lessons will teach you the basics of assessing objects and their distance from your vehicle. Using this knowledge, you can check the blind spots and manoeuvre your vehicle when sharing the road.

Most importantly, you may pull in front of a large vehicle and drive away in the left lane. But don’t forget to leave a safe distance between both vehicles. Compared to smaller passenger vehicles, trucks need more space and distance to stop or maneuver during emergencies. It may be intimidating to share a road with them.

But, your professional driving instructor can make it look easier with proper training.

Alice Churchill
Alice Churchill
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