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Convert PDF to PDF/A in 3 Easy Steps with PDFBear

We have all heard and even used the PDF file format, but have you heard of PDF/A? You will be pretty surprised that there is more that we can get from PDF files. 

PDF or Portable Document Format is a standard for “read-only” documents form that is portable and accessible between most operating systems. However, the suitability of a PDF file for archival preservation depends on options chosen when the PDF is created: specifically, whether to embed the right fonts in rendering the document, to apply encryption, and to preserve the additional information from the original document.

On the other hand, PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of the PDF, which is widely used for archiving and preserving electronic documents for long-term use. This type of file prohibits document features that are unsuitable for lasting preservation, like font linking and encryption. Its main purpose is to create a format that can be reliably rendered on any operating system when read using a compliant viewer. 

Why should you use PDF/A?

PDF/A has vector content that displays the elements on the original document more accurately. Nonetheless, it would still take up less disk space, which can be very useful when archiving many documents. Another great thing with PDF/A is that they are equipped with unicode which ensures the text in the file is extractable and searchable. All these and other helpful features make the archiving of the document more suitable for the long term.

No matter what angle you look, PDF/A files are so much more reliable, especially when it comes to file handling, storage, quality, and preservation. You should give it a try, convert PDF to PDFA today!

Where to convert PDF to PDF/A?

Using PDF-type file formats has now become a common practice either in schools, offices, businesses etc. It is loved by many for its portability, accessibility, reliability, and most of all, convenience. Because of that, tools and services for PDF-related issues have boomed as well. Today, you can find them anywhere with just a few clicks. There is now downloadable software for PDFs, as well as web-based toolkits that will help anyone with their PDF needs.

The fastest and most convenient place to go to convert your PDF files to PDF/A is online. Websites with PDF-related services are mostly free of use and they do not require anything from their users aside from the PDF file that needs to be processed. Users only need to be connected to the internet. And aside from file conversion, they also provide other PDF basic tools such as file repair, optimization, organization, e-signing, security, PDF viewing, and editing.

One of the sites that offer great PDF services is PDFBear. They are widely used and most visited for their convenient and easy-to-use features. This site can be accessed by almost all browsers and devices like computers, mobile phones, and tablets either in Windows, Mac, Linux, or other major operating systems. They also have pro features that you can avail of from their membership plan. A free 14-day trial can also be given if you are interested in trying them out. It can be canceled at any time. With just three simple steps, you can already convert your PDF to PDF/A with PDFBear.

Steps to convert PDF to PDF/A

  • Select and upload the PDF file

When you are on the site, go to the Convert PDF to PDF/A section. You will be welcomed with a file conversion toolbox. To start, you will have to upload your file to the server. Click the Select A File button that is at the center of the page. Your device’s library will come out. From that, find and select the file you wish to convert then click Open. 

Another option in uploading your file to the server is to simply drag and drop them into the toolbox. This is only applicable to users using their computers. Your file will be processed right away upon its upload. 

  • Wait for the server to scan and convert the file

Once your file is uploaded and analyzed, the server will immediately start scanning your file. After processing it, they will proceed with its file conversion. In this step, all you have to do is wait while the server will do all the conversion work. It would usually take a few seconds to a minute depending on the file size and the speed of the internet connection. Even so, the conversion will not take long and when done, you will be sent to another page where your new PDF/A file will be ready for download.

  • Download or share the new PDF/A file

At last, the newly converted PDF/A file can now be saved to your device! On the page, click the Download button which you can find at the center. Your file will be downloaded automatically. 

One of PDFBear’s features is that they provide different options for users to share PDF files. A generated shareable link will be available which you can copy and send and to your desired recipients. This shareable link is very handy, especially if you need to share the file with multiple users. They only need to click the link and they will be redirected to PDFBear as well as download the file. Easy and convenient, right? You can also share the file with others by sending the file via email. The site will only ask you to enter the required contact address.


Instant file conversion is definitely made easy with web-based PDF tool sites like PDFBear! With just three simple steps, you have a PDF/A file. Your PDF document can now be reproduced exactly the same way with long-term preservation, regardless of what software is used. Plus, you do not have to worry about your file protection being uploaded on the site because it will be secured with 256-bit encryption technology. Convert your files to PDF/A for the sake of the long-term state of your documents, you will not regret it!

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