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Cooking Gas Safety Tips Every Family Should Know

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is used for cooking in homes. LPG is a part of almost every household across the world where it is available. However, people need to take extreme care while using the cooking gas as LPG is a highly flammable gas.

LPG makes cooking easier as compared to other fuels, but families need to use it with extreme care. A small leakage can put the entire house on fire that can damage life and property. Therefore, every household needs to follow some safety tips for using it safely.

Let us check some LPG safety tips that every family must follow for the safety of life and property.

LPG equipment

Families must use the LPG equipment like tube and regulator from the authorized distributors only. The stuff that you buy from local stores and shops might not be compatible with the gas cylinder. Using unauthorized accessories can be dangerous and lead to leakage of gas. Always use the equipment recommended by your gas manufacturer for the safety of your family.

Check the equipment regularly

Families should check the gas equipment like regulator, tube, and stove regularly for any imperfections and leakage. Sometimes the rats and rodents cut the gas tube in an attempt to eat the food that sticks on its surface. Finding such defects at the right time can help prevent the leakage and the risk of fire. Also, get the gas stove checked and serviced by a professional and there are metal tubes and burners that get worn with time.

Handling the LPG cylinder

People often handle the LPG cylinder with carelessness, especially the delivery boys. They roll them on the ground to cover the distance from their vehicle to the homes. One should never roll or invert or hold a cylinder in a horizontal position. The gas manufacturers recommend keeping the gas barrels in the vertical position all the times for the safety.

Check the Cylinder while taking delivery

Sometimes the gas leaks from the cylinders due to the worn washer. You must check the barrel while taking the delivery from the delivery-guys. Open the seal and put some drops of water in the nozzle of the barrel. If bubbles are coming out of the nozzle, it means that the gas is leaking from the cylinder. You can also feel the smell of the LPG in case of leakage from the barrel.

Turn off the regulator

Gas companies recommend turning off the regulator when not in use and after use. You should turn on the regulator only for the time you want to use it for cooking. Turning off the regulator cuts the supply of gas to the tube and stove which prevents the risk of leakage. All the family members should remember to turn off the regulator after using the cooking gas.

Clean the tube and stove

Sometimes the food spills over the stove and tube while cooking. The food sticks to the pipe and the rats can bite the tube to eat the food. Users should clean the stove and gas tube after use to prevent the rats and rodents form cutting the pipe. It can save the gas from leakage and potential risks of fire.

Placement of LPG cylinder

Families should place the LPG cylinders in a ventilated area. People use the barrel in the kitchen. Therefore, every house owner should have at least one window and ventilator in the kitchen. Moreover, you should store the extra gas barrels in a ventilated area preferably in an outdoor space. Never store the gas cylinder in a living room, bedroom or any other closed area.

Use the residential gas barrel

It is essential to use only the domestic gas cylinder at home. Other types available in the market may not be compatible and can be dangerous to use at homes. The LPG gas suppliers Gold Coast provides the residential as well as commercial gas barrels. However, you must use only the barrel supplied by your gas manufacturer.

In case of leakage

Sometimes despite taking all the precautions, the cooking gas may leak due to some reason. In such a case, you should ask all the people to move out of the house and tell them not to use any electrical switch or equipment. Open all the doors and windows and move out of the house quickly. Do not try to turn on the exhaust fans as the spark in the switch can lead to a fire. Call the emergency services and wait outside till they arrive for help.

Final Words

These cooking gas safety tips can help all the families to use the LPG with safety at home. Maintaining and using the right LPG equipment and accessories can prevent the potential risks of fires. Education and awareness about LPG safety can enable the families to use the cooking gas safely and efficiently.

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